51 thoughts on “On point.

  1. Is the game’s artwork this good throughout the entire game?

  2. Going from “want to touch my petals?” To “IM GONNA PRICK YOU WIT DIS THORN”

  3. I bought Cuphead over the weekend, and spent a few hours thoroughly enjoying getting my ass handed to me. Talk about relief when I finally killed this damn flower, I was really sick of that creepy growing sound it makes when the thorny roots crawl out.

  4. Then the flower changes again into a more evil form in his last phase.

  5. “What? It’s a sunflower with large breasts. I’m a bee. Stupid bastard.”

  6. and yet, it’s your rose and you take care of it, which makes it distinct from all those other roses

  7. I haven’t really been paying attention to this game much but I;ve been seeing it a lot lately. Is it worth the 20 bucks? Or should I wait for a steam sale or something? Only asking because my backlog is getting out of hand and I’m not sure I want to purchase something else.

  8. This and the Genie have been my favorites so far. The music is just SO good in this particular fight.

  9. Shit dog this boss battle killed me, and it only got worse from there.

  10. *inhales*

    Boi if you don’t get that cup head lookin ass outa ma face right now u gon have some problems

  11. Hell yeah, that’s true.
    I have experienced that, wasn’t even expecting some kind of response.

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