7 thoughts on “Noticed something strange in a replay on a missed goal. The football physics in this game are questionable.

  1. This games an absolute farce

    The animations are so out of sorts it’s laughable. This crap literally happens every single game online.

    Is this what EA meant by ‘dramatic moments’?

  2. From what I understand the game doesn’t necessarily calculate “real time” physics with shooting ie: how a ball’s trajectory or movement should change when making contact with another object.

    I believe the game engine tries to take into account a player’s stats, physics, user-inputs, RNG, then determines a result. So the moment you pressed the shoot button the result was determined, and the ball was never going to go into the back of net.

    Sometimes the game will spit out the wrong animation, then the ball has to break the laws of physics to fit whatever result the engine has determined. I believe this is partly why the game has so much clipping (ball passing through player model/frame).

    If you consistently watch replays of your goals, you’ll most likely see constant physics-breaking animations from the players and ball.

  3. The physics used in video games is always rough simulations that are simplified models with shortcuts that make it easier to code and then run in a game that plays real time with the limited computing power that you have available.

    In my opinion it’s actually really impressive how good the physics and animation is in modern games

  4. It doesn’t matter too much as it was only the DKT and I’m not too bothered about the kit. I ended up losing this game on penalities and this happened in the 88th minute. I watched it closely and the ball seemed to be spinning into the net, the angle is hard to see this, but the rotations indicate the direction. What is strange is the sudden change, like it hit an invisible wall and jumped up and out of the net.

    I won’t make anyone cringe by putting on a tin foil hat and calling scripting, but this seems a bit strange to me, maybe a bug in game physics? Anyone else had this?

  5. Everything is determined by animations and RNG. There are better FIFA players but no one is actually as skilled as they think. Sorry, that’s reality. At least more people are becoming aware.

  6. Tbh the physics on this aren’t even that bad, the spin on the ball means that when hitting the post it would be more likely to bounce like that, it’s a toss up between linear and angular momentum. I would say that this isn’t at all unbelievable in the slightest. You were just unlucky with the shot, but this shot is a 50/50 on the bounce of the post

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