35 thoughts on “Not really into sports games but this is amazing…

  1. It took me a minute to realize that’s one monitor, not dual monitors. The center court line looks like a bezel. Kinda.

  2. I want to see it in motion. I don’t know how frame rates are generated, but it stands to reason that this one should never fall below 60 FPS. Looks awesome, also not into sports games but still

  3. GS up by 22 against the Cavs? Could have convinced me this was a real NBA game.

  4. Just getting into the NFL and I would love to watch a game in this aspect ratio. On every play, the camera stays on the Quarter back and you can’t see what the receivers are doing after they run off screen.

  5. Not really into reposted threads but this one is amazi…

    Wait no it’s not. It’s as stupid as before

  6. Finally a screen that can capture Curry shooting and splashing without having to pan the camera

  7. If its a 2K “game” then its not truly a game. Its a casino wrapped in a games skin

  8. Do many sports even have the option to view the game in this aspect ratio? I’m not familiar with it but for sports like hockey/basketball/ soccer this would be game changing in my opinion. So much of the game is about off ball movement and court/rink/pitch placement. Could you realistically watch the whole game like this?

  9. That’s so cool! I wonder if the camera stays locked so you get that view the whole game.

  10. if you play 2k this way online you will get rocked. 2k view is still the best camera view. This is dope to look at but shitty to play

  11. Not really. You’ll be watching an empty court when they are on the other side of the screen.

  12. Cable networks would be lazy enough to display live in 2k or 4k, saying its impossible.

  13. Dear Reddit submitter,

    This is a monitor. The things that can be displayed on this monitor are vast. The new contexts available from a monitor of this type are equally vast.

    Whether or not you care about sports gaming has *absolutely nothing to do* with this thing that’s doing this thing that’s impressing you.

    And I can’t tell what the motivation for the confusion is. Without your disclaimer:

    1. People start talking enthusiastically about sports games, and your world collapses.

    2. People start considering other uses for this monitor, including for different sports games that you might not even personally consider sports (motor, extreme, etc), and they’re all doing it thinking you’re into basketball sports gaming.

    3. They respond to this cool sight on this cool monitor by shouting that they don’t like sports gaming.

    There’s more, but do you see the point?

    Also, I’ve known too many guys who obsessively play sports games, while claiming they’re not really into them. “I have no idea what game this is” would have been the same idea, but believable. Your phrasing just reeks of desperation.

    Look at the thing again. Most of the world knows what a basketball court looks like, and most of the world knows how monitors have shown them up to now.

    And if this is an option for those sports games I stopped caring about…..I might restart.

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