79 thoughts on “New Cuphead boss leaked.

  1. Yeah, twist to this boss – No matter how much you destroy him, he always comes back… only way to win, completely ignore him!

  2. Though I support mocking Logan Paul, this is a step in a very wrong direction. Suicide and his behaviour at that moment are not a laughing matter. Making a joke about it is just further trivializing both of them.

  3. **Reddit**: Fuck Logan Paul for disrespecting suicide victims and Japan!

    **Also Reddit**: Look at this funny cartoon featuring a bright-yellow cartoon suicide-victim hanging from a noose.

  4. So he got in trouble for not being serious about finding a dead body but someone can make cuphead art wth dead bodies in the background making fun of him and that’s ok? Wtf?

  5. Jesus fucking Christ Reddit, shut the fuck up about this guy, no one gives a shit and your giving this asshole more recognition.

  6. finally, a youtube video of his that i would watch. is his special power just turning into a pile of shit?

  7. Op is a none reposter, if you see this op, please PLEASE Give people credit for their work! It’s not fair to have it stolen!

  8. Can people be banned for reposting stuff that has already been reposted a million times?

  9. The plot twist is you’re unable to obtain his soul contract. Some people just can’t be saved.

  10. His final form is him holding a taser attached to a rat that bounces around the screen to hit you.

  11. Hahahahahaha I found it kinda awesome for myself that I TRULY had never heard about this dude prior to this incident. And after further research, I am proud that I still cant even remember his name.

  12. I can’t decide if the hanging guy is culturally insensitive for being yellow, or period accurate for the art style…

  13. Im guessing thats spez with T_D people in the background, and cuphead is trying to defend free speech?

  14. Guys he was trying to bring awareness to a serious issue. Is it his fault that the only way he knew to do that was in Meme form.

  15. Those IRL streamers don’t really bother me. Having said that, this douche gives off the most intense “Please beat the shit out of me, trust me I deserve it” of anyone I have ever seen.

  16. Go fuck yourself, reposting cunt and giving this idiot attention again. Fucking shill.

  17. The only way to beat this boss is to introduce communism to a capitalist society.

  18. Well to be fair, it does make sense that the devil wants his soul. Kid’s definitely going to hell. Probably sold his soul off to get all his fame. It’s the only way this complete moron being rich and famous makes any sense.

  19. Is this supposed to a critique of Logan Paul? It’s as tasteless as his Aokigahara video.

  20. Look if you are going to repost, at the very least use an old one so it isn’t so blatantly obvious

  21. Who is that? Should I assume it’s that journalist that struggled on the tutorial?

  22. On one hand, this is horrible.

    On the other hand… I would like to shoot him in the face. You know, in a cathartic video game, not in real life.

  23. I’m by no means defending logan, but why were you guys so offended about him posting a video of a dead guy if you’re just gonna make jokes about it…

  24. Op is a none reposter, if you see this op, please PLEASE Give people credit for their work! It’s not fair to have it stolen!

  25. This repost is like watching a South Park episode from 2 seasons ago. No longer relevant.

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