27 thoughts on “Never underestimate the sneakiness

  1. Poor guy. When the first bullet was fired he must be thinking *”what the fuck?”*

  2. This is a tactic they teach us in S.W.A.T. training. The trick is creating a distraction powerful enough the target doesn’t notice you climbing on to their shoulders. Once on board, however, the possibilities are endless.

  3. Tried that with a sniper once.. I saw the most perfect flickshot since Inhumane reactions

  4. Please tell me this game has a deathcam, because that person must be really confused.

  5. Id love to play this game but won’t because I’ve been saying that for 10 years and that entire time people have been getting better and better at it.

  6. Isn’t this from Smii7y’s video? Tucker, or iijeriichoii, was playing with him and they switched accounts for a few clips.

  7. This player is so bad. not just the campy aspect of it. But when he turns to check the other direction (behind him) he goes clockwise, getting nothing but a camera full of wall. Instead of going counter clockwise, and seeing everything he wasn’t looking at before. Granted ninja op still had him dead to rights with the head stand of destiny…. But it still speaks volumes of his player skill in general.

  8. I would see my ally on the minimap and I would turn the corner to get wasted by the scrub he’s standing on.

  9. I wish I this happened in my games instead of toxic 12 year olds with high ping and shitty mics.

  10. For anyone who doesnt know, the guy who did this (or uploaded the original clip) was SMII7Y on youtube, though i cant remember the exact vid i could find it if anyone wants it

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