17 thoughts on “Must’ve Struck a nerve, I didn’t even win lol

  1. I love seeing messages from any opponents.
    I also love receiving them as it boosts up my confident and makes me laugh

  2. I have a Del Piero and I suck. I feel like I should have received something similar already.

  3. I got a similar thing, but the guy was moaning because I didn’t ‘skill enough’ with Ronaldinho. Bitch please, I love trying to score skill goals, but when you’re just holding contain with a wall of 8 players in your penalty box, there is zero point in skills. Maybe if you weren’t playing like a WL cunt in single matches I might have actually played for fun too…

  4. Damn, that’s really sad. I understand that certain people feel the need to send a message if they lost and feel it was not fair or because they other wasted time or whatever..

    But sending a message after winning… I only had that a few times in FIFA17 when I just acquired Ronaldo in my team, people would just bash on you for having him in your team and not winning..

  5. I got a Spanish message saying “the funny thing is this win doesn’t even get you Elite”… I’m a gold 2 player, so I guess he’s not wrong. Got 26 wins today tho

  6. Worst thing about moving to PS4 over Xbox was the lack of messages I now get. I absolutely love it

  7. Lol someone told me to sell Del Piero too because I missed a pen with him during the WL.

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