23 thoughts on “Mid-air priorities…

  1. “Nah, man. We’re fine. I’ve done this hundreds of… Oh shit, door’s open, that’s not safe, hold up. Okay, anyway, what was I saying?”

  2. Like a figure skater letting their arms out to slow their spin and bringing them in closer to speed it up. At the right moment he popped the door to prevent a too fast spin, then closed the door at the right moment to speed it up for the landing. As he closes the door it *looks to me* like it sped up. I am probably wrong though and just seeing things. Pretty sure the game does not do physics that well but I am just offering a plausible scenario that could explain it.

  3. It’s a standard procedure to improve aerodynamics. I do it every time on my daily commute jump.

  4. You spin faster the closer you are to your body, would think it also applies to the car. So maybe the car wouldn’t have completed the spin without him closing the door.

  5. It was well calculated. If he didn’t close the door at that precise moment, the car wouldn’t have landed.

  6. Believe it or not this has been a feature in the games since GTA3. I remember the first time I saw it, driving off a ramp into the ocean, character casually reaches out and closes the door before hitting the water and drowning to death. You couldn’t swim back then.

  7. I see so many videos from this game… I’m going to have to break down and try it.

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