30 thoughts on “Me too kid

  1. Please mathematically prove that you’re too young for math.
    Ill wait…

  2. Honestly this is the worst attitude to have – if you learn math when you’re young, and I mean really push it, you lay down neural wiring that will let you kick ass for the rest of your life. Brain development is mostly a child’s game. Push it hard when you can – learn another language or two, take math seriously, play an instrument, read voraciously, challenge yourself in everything you do.

  3. Isn’t this girl part of a Twins double battle where the other one says “the tears we cry when we lose make us stronger”? Total mood whiplash.

  4. rewatching Breaking Bad atm… had to read it twice to find the A

  5. I thought it said meth. My first thought was “you’re never too young.”

  6. I need to be better when it comes to anything past division. Also, I need to do it faster, as I’m sure I look like an idiot thinking way too long on simple math.

  7. For a second I thought that said “I’m to young for meth”

  8. 2+2=4, minus 1 that’s 3, quick maths.
    I tell her man’s not hot!

  9. I must confess that my knowledge of math goes no further than simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and to divide. When I see a mathematic formula that uses numbers or weird symbols i have no idea what I am even looking at. If you ask me to calculate the mass of a snowman or how 9,9=10 it’s like I am trying to communicate with aliens.

  10. Not if you’re speaking in complete sentences, you’re not.

  11. See, I feel like I’m too old for math. All that stuff I learned in school, never use it. Leave it to the kids who are actually studying that stuff; I’m too old for math.

  12. teachers all math will help with life
    me; i need the quadratic formula to see how many apples i really need
    friend:your a idiot

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