15 thoughts on “Matthew Mzizi needs to go

  1. Wait.. Is there really variance in refs in this game? That’s fucking terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible in a “competitive” game. fuuuuuuck

  2. I made a post about this last month, absolutely hate the geezer. I average about 10 yellows a game with him in charge.

  3. Also Mehmet Yildiraz thinks that a contact in the Box is an Instant Penalty… What an asshole he is

  4. Sorry to break it to you, but have to be be pretty much trying to murder the opposition with slide tackles to even get any kind of card in this game.

    Blatant fouls aren’t called.

  5. and he is racist against black players. white man can get away without card but if i even touch opponent with my kanté or bailly its yellow

  6. I made a post about him a few weeks back, he is an absolute cunt. I’ve played about 400 games this year on FUT. My only ever red card came from two consecutive yellows to Benatia who literally got a red card for a shoulder tap in the midfield. I raged

  7. I really think they should change it to only one referee in wl, we have too much of them and all of them are inconsistent imo

  8. Polar opposite for me, Mzizi is by far my favourite ref and never gives me a red, Lambrakis is the bane of my existence though.

  9. Last week I was playing a game and at the end I had 12 fouls 11 cards
    Got 2 red cards
    Conceded 2 pens from just winning the ball 100% contact on the ball 0% contact on the player
    Both got red cards

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