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  1. That’s Vault 00.

    The experiment is that the population got separated into two factions, those who care about how toilet paper is placed, and those who don’t give a shit.

  2. Well, it is a dystopian wasteland, goes right along with the disfigured mutants and cannibalism.

  3. Maybe they did that because there’s a young vault dweller with a cat.

  4. What does it even matter because I’m more curious about why you’re trying to take a shit while in Power Armor.

  5. do you think the designer did that because he knew at some point someone would react or because the designer is a foul uncultured pigdog?

  6. So for me, each toilet is different. Some placements of the rolls are easier to pull 1 way than the other. It all just depends on the location of the roll. Toiletology

  7. That’s why there is the Immersive TP mod. It is necessary to play the game. Almost like a patch

  8. Dammit Institute you guys are supposed to be the smartest people in the world you’re making it real hard to not blow you up

  9. Look at the patent for toilet paper. It shows the correct way to orientate it.

  10. This is the correction orientation for anyone with cats. The paper loops and loops without unravelling into a pile on the floor.

  11. This is the way toilet paper should be. You can unroll it and break It off with one hand without causing excess paper to roll out. Think about it

  12. I’ve since converted after years of roommates, but the first 18 years of my life, that’s how it went.

    Think the logic was the cat couldn’t unroll it

  13. You must not have cats this is how it’s suppose to go in a cat house.

  14. Going to bathroom in power armor is like going to the bathroom with a wedding dress, you’ll have to take off every to be able to sit on the toilet.

  15. They are trying to be lore friendly. It is the apocalypse afterall.

  16. I get the whipeing standing up sitting down discussion but this? What’s the difference?

  17. Well,… this alternate reality did end up having an apocalypse.

  18. Have you seen anyone in the institute poop?

    They aren’t human. All synthetic clones that don’t need to poop or pee. That’s why they don’t care that the toilet paper isn’t right

    They don’t use it.

    It just goes to show.. you can’t trust people who put their toilet paper roll on backwards

  19. Is it bad I looked at this for a good 5 minutes before realizing what you meant..

  20. Don’t worry bethesda is selling a mod that fixes it for $4.99

  21. “What is this, the apocalypse? We’re supposed to be a post-apocalypse society, people!”

  22. More than 3000 people upvoted a picture of toilet paper on a gaming subreddit. Fuck it I’m out.

  23. A man, don’t remember the name, made a mod in order to fix this..

  24. Again!? The opposite is only good pre-children! Once you have little kids around you put it in this way so they don’t unroll the whole damn thing by playing with it. And since this game is about finding your child it seems to fit!

  25. Anyone with a dog or stupid asshole cat knows that THIS IS HOW IT HAS TO BE

  26. The only real answer for over or under on a toilet roll is the position.

    If your mount is in a weird spot it MAY be advantageous to do the under roll, but your default should be over. It allows the paper to be torn with less effort, with less chance of splitting the ply, and from various angles.

  27. Anyone found a reason why you could mess with all the tank lids in the institute?

  28. Noticed it almost immediately…
    Now I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with me, but I’m sure that something is wrong with F4 level designers.

  29. Neat. They should make this into a game and then give it a name!

  30. In defense of the ‘underhand’ toilet paper roll, my work has these giant rolls and if you put them on ‘overhand’ when you go to grab shit tickets it pushes the roll back into the wall like a brake and you end up with like 2 squares before it breaks. If you put it ‘underhand’ it pulls away from the wall and you’re free to wad as much paper in your hand as you can fit.

  31. I read the dev long about this particular thing, 200 hours of research went into which way the toilet paper should face.

  32. The moment I saw this, my choice was made for me. The Institute had to burn.

  33. Btw this is a cool placement when you have cats. Otherwise, they spin all paper to the floor


    Am I the only one thats dealt with pets?

  35. **MOD: Toilet Paper etiquette ($5.95)**


    – *makes toilet paper playable*

  36. The toilet paper dispute is irrelevant — if you do not use a bidet to wash after defecating, you are the true uncultured swine.

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