95 thoughts on “Life was good and stress free.

  1. Can still play a fully functioning version of this game on PC btw. It’s aged surprisingly well, Underground 1 however, did not.

  2. Whose life as a kid/teenager was stress free? I don’t think I even have the capacity now to be as stressed out as I was then.

  3. Well i stayed up till 2:30 am working on something and then realized it was due at midnight

  4. Is this game a meme now? Every day I see a new post about it. I feel like it gets way more attention than it should. It was a mediocre arcade racing game, that couldn’t hold a candle to its competition at the time (pick a random Burnout game). And the way you guys talking about this soundtrack, you’d think it’s another Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

    I don’t know. Nothing about this game stood out to me.. It felt like EA was cashing in on the street racing rage of the mid 00’s, with a couple of.. alright racing games.

  5. Life is even more stess-free now. No homework, more free time, more money, my own place.

  6. I keep on playing our favorite song,
    I turn it up while you’re gone.
    Its all I’ve got when you’re in my head,
    and you’re in my head so I need it

  7. Fuck I have a Chem exam and I wasted a bunch of time playing need for speed and drinking monster.

  8. oh fuck, school is tomorrow? I better get working on that network deployment diagram that is due, then study for the Linux midterm, oh and I need to write that program for my Python class. FUCK, my English paper is due on Monday and I have a Math quiz after lunch. Maybe I can squeeze in ONE game…. I’ll need the rest of the monster just to finish my homework, no idea when I’m going to sleep. Oh and I have to work from 3 to 10pm tomorrow as well.

  9. Nostalgia is lying to you. School was stressfull or you had problems with friends or family or you were completely unhealthy drinking monster energy all day. Life in general I think has a “meh” vibe to it. Some good things, some bad things. Nostalgia can be blinding and even dangerous because it can hinder us from planning for the future. And I think most people know this deep down, but it is difficult to admit, because it is difficult to face reality. I know I often dodge reality myself.

    Anyway, have a good day G A M E R.

  10. Those memories though. Just swap NFS with CS or COD. I would’ve surely took a leave from school xD

  11. I remember bunking school, getting my mum to call in saying I’m ill and smashing out MW2 lol! Those were the days🙌🏻

  12. I don’t know why, but I really needed that. My mind actually went to Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 and Burnout 3 Takedown, but this is the first time I’ve felt stress free all week.

  13. I didn’t play underground2. My pc was too weak to play and I didn’t have a ps2. Had too much fun in underground1 though!

  14. This game was so much fun. Sucks EA never made another good one that wasn’t always online or filled with micro transactions

  15. Jim beam cans, sitting on the couch talking shit with mates and playing this. good times!

  16. I still have nightmares of sitting at an end of year exam without studying and knowing I’m going to fail. I went to highschool 20 years ago.

  17. Picture this. It’s 2005. All of this. Except you play the first one with crystal method on it. You’re drunk AF getting a blowjob b/c you’re not 13 you’re 21. Life is solid.

  18. I have that game on my PC with ExOpts installed. Runs like shit on Win10 though.

  19. Picture this: It’s 2005, fresh pimples occupy your cheek, nose, forehead, and other unnecessary areas. Your mom is telling you to turn that motherfucking shit down! Dinner will be ready soon, and do your homework before dad gets home or else you’ll be losing the video games and that new Razr phone that you just got with your 300 anytime minutes. You are wondering when you’ll get to touch your first boob when you kick your can of monster over and now your sock and controller cable are all wet. Can’t buy booze. Life was good because the White Sox are World Champs!! Some stress too, but not too bad.

  20. I got my first blowjob while the soundtrack for this game blared in the background.

  21. Kinda reminds me of the first time moving away from the parent’s place and being able to drink. [My photo](https://imgur.com/IyR9NTe) from years ago reminds me of those times when I drink a few beers and kick ass as Batman on a Friday night. No school, no homework, no job. Freedom.

  22. Oh god “school tomorrow” now feels like a day off to me. Sitting in a desk all day not exerting energy and basically chilling with your friends all day? Fuck, sign me up.

  23. Ah yes. The memories of playing Black Ops 2 until 11 pm only to get yelled at by mum

  24. Never drunk energy drinks at this age. Just came with moving out.
    But yeah.. the times

  25. The absolute madlad!!! School night tomorrow and drinking monster and playing video games!!

  26. Snap back to reality op there goes gravity
    Shit failing classes
    Don’t even have nhs underground 2

  27. In 2005, I was 12yrs old and had a middle class family. I never realized how good I had it until I grew up. Nothing is ever the same 🙁

  28. I was a year out of the military, trying to find a job, and living in my wife’s childhood bedroom in the in-laws house. But I did have Underground 2, so life was not all bad.

  29. Fuck all that. If it was 2005, I was in college, posting on the Something Awful forums, procrastinating writing my Historiography senior capstone paper, and being whiny about not being invited to some frat party or being rejected by some sorority skank because I was a sheltered autistic virgin kissless handholdless Internet troll living with mommy. Life wasn’t stress-free. I was wasting and squandering the best years of my life posting on the Internet instead of using my college years for what it SHOULD be for–partying and slaying college poon before you’re too old and creepy to.

  30. I found my NFSU2 disk over the weekend, it is pretty good playing it on max settings with 60 fps

  31. Replace Monster with Coke and NFS with CoD and Cod:UO…. yeah, I actually really miss those times 🙁

  32. Nah…I gotta go back to like 97 for no stress…So that would be Need For Speed 2. They didn’t go into sub titles for the game yet back in those ancient days!

  33. Just an FYI, I have been focusing on streaming this game lately. I am doing a complete play-though. I just unlocked Coal Harbor again. If you are interested, take a look at Wallaba4 on Twitch. If not, thank you for reading this comment.(Usually stream around 7PM EST)

  34. Interesting to learn about love for this game and that this is relatable to a lot of people.

  35. Next thing you know your sister knocks your ps2 over and scratches the game. Stuck on the load screen with LilJon… fml

  36. I had way more stress in school than at work. Life is so much better as an adult. I can buy and do whatever I want.

  37. I was already graduated by then, so I would have been wired on ecstasy probably blasting techno.

  38. Riders on the storm was nostalgic, but I got more excited whenever I heard: I GIVE IT ALLLLLLL

  39. When this NFS came out we still didn’t have energy drinks in our country. Apart from that I can even feel the feelings when picturing this.

    Good times!

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