50 thoughts on ““Let’s Lan”

  1. I just want to say those headphones were comfy as fuck.

    It was really a great setup. Those Overwatch lines really moved quickly at BlizzCon last year.

  2. I’m more afraid of that Reaper than the actual one.

    Imagine if you die and the grim reaper looked like that?

  3. I’d love to do shit like this, but I’m that guy who spends months playing solo to get all the cool gear and accessories to make my characters look badass, only to absolutely suck balls against other players. There is no feeling more humiliating than looking really cool only to get slaughtered. That’s one reason I am interested in Overwatch. To make your characters look cool, you have to be at least reasonably good.

  4. Met him this year when he and Jessica came to Dallas. He threw Swedish Fish at me. We hugged. He told Jessica he’d leave her for me.

    I miss you.

  5. hey i wonder what the range is on those pokemon tattoos. like i wonder how far they are able to reach girls and dry their pussies up.

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