81 thoughts on “KFC Founder Colonel Sanders debuts in WWE 2K18

  1. Looks like his arms have been rubbed down with chicken grease before he came out. No one’s getting a good hold on him.


  3. I need to see him versus Ronald McDonald, Burger King, and Wendy.

  4. He’s going for the top rope. Up top and. BAM-! Extra Spicy, scooping the leg and rocking him in a headlock with the ELEVEN HERBS. He’s just doing what he has to before…what’s this?!? A side inverted SUPERPLEX—Its the FIVE DOLLAR FILL UP-!

  5. Man these fast food companies are getting desperate to be relevant. Rick and Morty and McDonalds. Wendy’s and their clear attempt to capitalize on social media. WWE and KFC. The list goes on. And the sad reality is people are eating it up. Just look at the free advertising right here. He’ll I’d be shocked I’d this wasn’t a cover ad itself.

  6. This summer, the colonel brings the chicken to the opposition! Youll have a cluckin’ good time watching the competition get fried!

  7. He uses Bob Backlund’s finishing move “Cross Faced Chicken Wing”

  8. Please tell me there’s a move called “11 herbs and spices”?

  9. I hope Beef Supreme comes out of retirement to rehabilitate him.

  10. He’s not actually an unlockable character, you just get is parts in the create-a-wrestler mode IIRC

  11. I wish there were more (good) games where you can create custom characters. I love making my self, my friends and some OC’s in games like this

  12. Holding them in the turnbuckle
    As he lands the chops to the chest

  13. Boy , imma bought to show you my secret recipe of 26 moves and vices

  14. in a street fight or HITC he should come out with a bucket as a helmet and drumstick as a weapon.

  15. good now add in Ronald McDonald, bonus points for a Hamburgler manager, and a special appearance of the Grimace, whom nothing can kill.

  16. I used to make the best damn fried chicken in America. That was before the plague hit.

  17. I think it’s funny. I hope he has lines like. “I’ll give you 11 herbs and spices of whoop ass.”… I can’t think of anything else at this point. WWF attitude era sorta stuff.

  18. This game was paid for in its entirety by sponsors. One xbox achievement is just “snickers – 30g” – for winning some matches.
    I do wanna see The Colonel kick some kentucky fried ass tho.

  19. Right, can we all agree that the series has officially jumped the shark?

  20. I ain’t gonna make you feel good inside, so come on down to kentucky fried fisten

  21. As a wrestling fan, if I didn’t know any better I’d think this was official DLC.

    Oh god it’s gonna become official DLC now isn’t it?

  22. This is the most rediculous shit I’ve ever seen….. They really run it into the ground sometimes..

  23. Gimme a fuckin mic!🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

  24. Such WWE authenticity, complete with character models that wouldn’t look out of place in a budget 360 game from 2006.

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