56 thoughts on “Karma is a bitch

  1. Looks like FarCry but I can’t remember ever seeing that weapon.

  2. You keep using that word “karma”… I do not think you know what it means

  3. Karma, what goes around comes around. It’s literally what he did with the rocket, made it go around in circles and come back around.

  4. Should have titled this “What goes around comes around”.

  5. This trick goes all the way back to original half-life.

  6. I’m glad people are still playing FC4. Really awesome game.

    Also, playing with bows only is very rewarding.

  7. When you try to let off an epic cumblast, but hit yourself in the face.

  8. I wonder how people discover these types of things in video games. Do they spent countless hours on every spot of the map trying to do something weird?

  9. “Karma is a bitch” he posted a trick shot for Reddit karma and you guys are bitching at him for it. Leave your upvotes here plz

  10. I think people forgot the definition of karma. You have to do something bad to somebody to get karma back.

  11. If you fire a laser guided weapon into clear sky, won’t the missile lose track of the paint and stop following?

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