18 thoughts on “Just Cause 3 Super Swing Stunt

  1. The biggest physics violation in this is how the hell a guy can safely and easily get in and out of a car with a four foot rocket launcher mounted on his back, when I routinely nearly mortally injure myself just through taking my seat belt off when I have a a pen in my shirt pocket.

  2. is there a plot to this game or does it solely exist to do shit like this and post it on the internet?

  3. Knowing nothing about this game from the videos I have seen I would guess its an extreme parking simulator.

  4. poor effort, you didnt land on top after looping the arch 3 times….. go back and do it again…….

    good video though! 😉

  5. The JC3 Tarzan swing is becoming pretty popular. Gotta admit it’s a good looking trick.

    Really though, it just makes me want a new, good spiderman game. Something on the level of Spiderman 2

  6. Man I have never played this game but I adore all the car flip posts I see from it. Very entertaining

  7. Enemies shooting at him. Ha! I can only imagine some of the training they go through…

    “Flying cars and cows are not normal. If you see one, shoot at it. You know it’s Insane Rico at it again. And be sure to paint red anything that might explode. Red means danger and we wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt.”

  8. So is this game nothing but stunts? Cause that is all I see on Reddit.

  9. You’re not even on the top platform of the tower. I’m sure someone else will pull this off, and land at the VERY top, where there isn’t even a platform.

    I give it a week.

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