50 thoughts on “It’s known as balanced game play..

  1. The question is whether the car is really light, or the people really fat

  2. Wow I haven’t played pubg in a few weeks… those physics have really improved. One of you for sure would have catapulted into space previously.

  3. How the fuck? This was posted like 19 hours ago? What’d you do, run it through the JPEG-erizer 50 times?

  4. This looks like something that would be on a bullshitery episode.

  5. They almost get it balanced and the dumbass on the front jumps every time.

  6. the representation of life right here its a seesaw with wtf moments XD

  7. Yes my squad used this tactic in ww2 and the emu war.

  8. I was just waiting for it to blow up like everything else in this game

  9. Why the hell on earth are you reposting our post? We just don’t get it…. why can’t you just create your own content bro, srsly. We have the rights for this gif. You could have asked kindly if you could repost it in another subreddit.

  10. Was anyone else expecting something to blow the car up or a sniper to kill one of the players?

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