21 thoughts on “Italy top in EU for waste recycling

  1. that’s really cool!!! I remember not so many years ago the mountains of garbage in Napoli and Italy sending garbage to Germany (and paying for processing).

  2. I’m far from an expert on the topic, but isn’t waste management a huge mafia business ? I think it’s in the book Gommorha that Saviano mentions contracts passed with cities for “waste recycling” but waste ends up just being dumped in fields and sometimes buried by the mafia. Situation might have changed though, I’d love a more knowledgeable take on this.

    Edit : why all the downvotes? I wasn’t stating a fact just trying to learn more

  3. is that equal to that Italy produces the most trash?

    I rather seam to remember Italy for burying toxic waste in the country side and the mafia not picking up the trash to pressure the government.

  4. I love it when a northern country does something well the thread is usually full of people circlejerking about how great their accomplishments are and how cool and awesome that particular accomplishment is.

    When a southern country like Italy Spain and Greece does something good instead the thread has plenty of people circlejerking about negative stereotypes, mafia, criminality and corruption, debt, calling the reporting of accomplishment by those southern countries “fake news” and other shit like that as it can be seen in this thread while repeating the same boring jokes and stereotypes 100 times.

  5. How can Romania and Bulgaria produce so much waste when compared with countries with similar populations?

  6. That is really great news, but I sense there are some funny numbers behind that claim.
    How on earth are Italians better at recycling than Germans?
    Italy is not that clean.

  7. hahahah I am Highly sceptical of this, everyone that has traveled some of italy’s roads (especially near big cities) will understand why 😛

  8. Italy is full of trash thrown around but in tonnes I don’t think that amounts up to something that can change these statistics much, and cities and towns in the most populated areas (i.e. mostly the north) are doing their job even though they separate trash in a funny way.

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