Is it safe to finally admit that The Witcher 3 wasn’t really good?

Na het spelen van Breath of the Wild, is mijn perspectief op TW3 volledig verschoven. Ik heb geprobeerd terug te gaan en ik kon gewoon niet meer dan 20 minuten doorbrengen zonder te vervelen. Het gevecht is ondiep en herhalend. Geralt regelt als shit. Hij loopt de hele tijd in de muren en zal gewoon niet stoppen om stil te staan. Roach controleert echt zoals shit. God dank je dat je eigenlijk geen paardbestrijding hoeft te doen. Je moet in bijna elke zoektocht een geur volgen, dus er is heel weinig zoektocht. Te veel ubisoft-esque collectables en markers. Er hoeft geen aansporing te zijn om monster nesten uit te wissen. Het is gewoon om het spel uit te plukken. Gwent is onevenwichtig. Gelukkig is het geen integraal onderdeel van het spel, maar als je al de legendaries hebt dan je een nulpercentage kans hebt om te verliezen. De Witcher 3 is ook geen echte RPG. Zeg wat je wilt over Skyrim, maar je zou in ieder geval kunnen doen wat je wil. Je bent niet beperkt tot een bepaalde speelstijl. Je zou kunnen zijn als je het wilde, bijna iedereen die je wilt. In Witcher 3 moet je het spelen zoals je het wilt. Je moet de goede man zijn. Je kan geen fijne neuken opschieten. Elke Bethesda RPG is standaard een betere RPG dan The Witcher 3. Ik denk dat Witcher 3 een beter spel is dan Fallout 4 zoals de meeste mensen, maar het kan Fallout 4 niet raken als een RPG.

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20 thoughts on “Is it safe to finally admit that The Witcher 3 wasn’t really good?

  1. Oh man you are gonna get roasted for this!

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree with most of what you have to say. I don’t see TW3 as the masterpiece that everyone makes it out to be. Sure it was a decent game, but I don’t think it measures up to the perception that the community has built around it.

    The majority of this sub idolizes that game. Most people view CDPR as a standard of which to judge all other companies against. Their savior in these dark times of microtransactions and paid mods. So you essentially just spit in the face of their messiah. Good luck to your sir. Stay strong.

  2. Personally, I had a great time with both BotW and W3, but for being the game that changed your perspective on W3, BotW has a lot of the same ‘flaws’ you are calling out W3 for.
    – All I can say in response to “Too many collectibles and markers” is “900 Koroks”.
    – No incentive to clear monster nests is the same in both games. You get a handful of crafting mats and maybe a small bit of treasure, but certainly not enough to make it worth your time to stop.
    – Neither game is an RPG in the truest sense, and both make you play the good-guy character you are playing as opposed to ‘doing whatever you wanted’.

  3. you’re entitled to your preferences, but did you seriously just say it’s not an RPG? wat?

  4. Nope, I’ve been on that opinion since the day I touched that game, tried to like it, just couldn’t. Went back after a couple months, got further, even got a sex scene somehow, but still couldn’t do a thing for me so I left it behind and still consider it a terrible RPG, great game but way overblown for what it is, the world is beautiful to look at and all but lacked density of things to do at the end of the day unless you knew where to go and what to do

  5. You can say at any time that YOU didn’t like The Witcher 3 but the fact is that The Witcher 3 is a really good game and its clear reading your post that you aren’t saying ‘Witcher 3 wasn’t good’, you are really just asking for people to agree with you.

    You don’t need people to approve of your opinion man

    Also, ‘combat is shallow and repetitive’, ‘ too many Ubisoft-esque collectibles and markers’, ‘The Witcher 3 also isn’t a true RPG’? Have you played Breath of the Wild?

  6. The markers are there to make you feel like there is always something around the corner. There are no collectibles. There is an option to change movement to “alternative” which is a faster and more responsive. Gwent is unbalanced because of course it is. Hearthstone is still unbalanced.

    The Witcher never claimed to offer you an option to create your own character. You can be a total shithead or a good guy in pretty much every single quest. Sure you can’t go on a murder spree inside the city but then again if that is what we are defining our rpg games on now then we are truly fucked.

    I disagree on every single point you made. Some points make me doubt you even playing the game, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt though and just say sure every game is not for everyone. However, it has recived multiple awards and been hailed as one of the best or the best rpg game ever made by multiple papers, reviewers, sites.

    I don’t mean you should base your opinion of the game on what anyone else says (even though that is what a review is) I’m just saying that is not the kind of praise a bad game would get.

    Sucks you had a bad experience with it. Me personally love it do death. I do miss miss the old days when I was playing the Elder Scrolls Oblivion all day every day. The world in the Witcher 3 outdid anything I have seen though.

  7. is it safe to finally admit


  8. Nah after finishing Witcher 3 fully then going through Breath of the Wild fully, the only game that makes me want to go back and gave me everything was Witcher 3. While I enjoyed Botw, it’s not on the same realm, let alone level, as Witcher 3.

  9. Is it safe to finally admit that zelda BOTW wasnt really good?

    -the combat is shallow and repetitive, excepting for some times when you have to use a new gadget to kill a boss in a preset way, its mostly just dodge around and hit. Every enemy has a preset way to beat them, often some gadget that has to be swapped out.

    -Link controls too perfectly, his actions have no weight, he just goes through his animation and is instantly ready for another, no thought about how actions flow together or not, its just a set sequence of animations.

    -900 kuroks

    No incentive to clear monsters, you get a few crafting materials and thats generally it, they are just there to pad the game out.

    – BOTW also isn’t a true RPG. Say what you will about Skyrim, but you could at least do whatever the fuck you wanted. You weren’t restricted to a certain play style whatsoever. You could be a total fucking shithead if you wanted to, killing almost anyone you want. In BOTW, you have to play it the way the game wants you to. You have to be the good guy

    -Every Bethesda RPG by default is a better RPG than BOTW. I think BOTW is a better game than Fallout 4 like most people, but it can’t touch Fallout 4 as an RPG.

  10. I’m still playing that game. I’m some 60 hours in and I haven’t beaten it yet. I keep wondering off doing side-quests.

    One of the best RPGs ever made.

    The world is huge and filled with secret surprises. I can’t wait for their next game.


  12. I love the Witcher 3. I think mostly because I follow the storyline. Is nostalgic to see character development across the three series. You said something about free to choose a character and how you wanted to play them but you should of known you be playing is The Witcher himself. The game is a bout him. There were also two or three side to each major quest that you do that eventually fix the outcome of the game. Still going to recommend the Witcher as an rpg game to play.

  13. Hey it’s certainly not for everyone, but it’s still one of the better games I’ve played. It’s best played as a series too, not just an individual game

  14. I tried to get through it a few times and I just couldn’t. The world is so boring and I could care less about the going ons. And just nothing about the game other than GWENT was fun for me. It all seemed needlessly tedious, clunky, and drawn out.

  15. I don’t think The Witcher 3 is a good open world game. As you said the world is shallow and has no incentive to explore. It would have benefited from staying as a zone based game like the previous games. The combat is passable, Zelda’s really isn’t any better, but I still think the characters and story in the Witcher are top notch. Easily leagues above Zelda. I play the Witcher 3 for that reason while I play BotW for the open world. They have different strengths

  16. You also said in another post that you have no problem with microtransactions, so I don’t think anyone should take anything you say seriously.

  17. No, people will hate you for expressing your opinion.

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