Is Award Winner Giroud this a smart investment for Aguero POTM???

I’ve invested in a few Puskas Winner Giroud’s at around 45-47k a pop last night. EA will have to think completely out of the box for this POTM given that he’s due an IF too as well as this card. For one of the SBC’s I was thinking they might want us to submit a previous award winner in the ST role on 3 chem, which leaves Kane and Salah, but also Giroud which has the same card for winning the Puskas Award. If people don’t have the ST POTM’s and want to complete the SBC, then buying Giroud is the only other go to option. I could be thinking too far out of the box, but it’s worth a shot anyway at minimal loss

EDIT: I’ve messed the title up lol

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11 thoughts on “Is Award Winner Giroud this a smart investment for Aguero POTM???

  1. Will require NIF Aguero IMO, he could get an IF this week, which means his NIF won’t be in packs. It’s already gone up on hype, will only rise higher. Other requirements could be Man City, Atletico, Argentinian IF’s/Players.

  2. I dont think so. EA wont do that when there is only one card on the market that’s usable and not even in packs. Also you would get punished for not doing the other POTMs. I also think his price is too low for that to be a stand-alone requirement. If they have a very specific requirement, I think it will be :

    1) Multiple cards to fit the same criteria


    2) In packs


    3) Expensive : probs at least 200k to begin with

  3. EA want people to do these sbc’s. They’ll never use something that can go extinct and stay that way

  4. Not many People own POTM Salah and Kane, therefore Giroud would go extinct in a short time and people wouldn’t be able to complete the sbc anymore.

    Therefore no.

  5. I think Messi could be a long long long shot. It would be a super high rated Argentina team that gives EA control over the cost of an icon level card.

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