I have 2 otw Coutinhos, 1 for short term investing and 1 for long term investing. Is it smart to sell his card right before the game and if he has did nothing in ths game then right after the game pick him up again? I don’t know if that is an risky method. After the last game I bought Coutinho for 165, now he is already around 178. I do not know if there is any risk??

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  1. Why not list at purchase plus 20% for the duration of the game? If something fun happens it’ll sell and you’ll make profit. As someone who is asleep during the UK game times I do this more often than not. (it could be 30 or 40% whatever you like).

    EDIT. To answer your other question, Coutinho is a risky dog, you could find better.

  2. The risk is if he plays well then you missed out on selling higher and won’t be able to buy back

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