12 thoughts on “Independentist in Catalonia today

  1. So what you’re saying is that Spaniards view Catalans as a child race which must be ruled with force?

    Edit: Touched a nerve, I see. I’m sure those folks singing Cara al Sol were just some very fine people, then.

  2. An interesting independentist roadmap document was seized by central government and I translated it because I thought the sub may find it interesting (though it doesn’t say anything shocking). I submitted it but my post doesn’t show up in “new”, I guess that is because it’s a PDF and it got blocked or anything. This is the translated image so I’m going to leave it here since it’s related:


  3. Catlans are childish, immature little babies. I hope this laughable nonsense ends up in their faces. The world doesn’t need more borders based on who your daddy is or what subtle variation of dialect one has.

    Xoxo. Love Canada.

  4. I wish Catalonians freedom, if that’s what they want. Hope the Glorious Prussia will be free one day too. Gott mit uns.

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