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  1. Note to publishers:

    Microtransaction Loot Boxes = Bad

    Boxes with loot in them acquired through gameplay = Good

    These are not the same.

  2. ….single player…. why should it? how about we talk about titanfall 2? single player and multiplayer with no loot box bull shit sure there are some cosmetics but you can buy what you want! also free dlc updates

  3. Horizon Zero Dawn, fuck you OP, at least include the game title. And no there is no PC version.

  4. Which was weird when they had randomly loot filled boxes in game, you just couldn’t pay real money for them and literally got them from vendors for free.

  5. I bought SoW and it’s perfectly playable without the stupid loot boxes. I’m just ignoring them completely and murdering the shit out of orcs.

  6. I have not bought SoW but it seems people are saying it’s perfectly playable without the boxes. Battlefront II on the other hand… I think it’s even blander than the reboot. The loot box system totally ruined it. It feels like a desperate attempt to avoid Battlefield’s shadow and to grab cash at the same time

  7. Literally the only post about this game that hasn’t been all about the fucking graphics

  8. loot boxes are only ok for cosmetics, other than that is bad.

  9. Honestly, this is a really stale complaint. It’s some fundamental economics. If you’ve ever taken a econ class, this is just tiered pricing. Loot boxes don’t need to go away. They are there for the people wealthy enough and willing to pay for them.

    I would agree that games shouldn’t *require* loot boxes to be fun to play, but that’s where ratings come in. On Steam, for example, I check both Recent Reviews and All Reviews before buying a game. If a game has shit reviews on either of those, there’s probably a big reason for that, but sometimes they get better/fix a problem.

    Battlefield has loot boxes. I played for years and had fun and never bought a single one.

  10. If we don’t stop this trend now, this is how SP games will be funded moving forward.

    The design will then be adapted to maximize profit, meaning progression curves that look more like mobile – blatant manipulation of the end user to get them addicted and spending money constantly. Grindy missions to slowly get people comfortable with the idea. its going to suck.

  11. I’ve been playing shadows of war for the last few days and personally I don’t the big deal with its micro transactions. I’ve been messing around killing a tonne of baddies and not once felt the need to buy anything. Bout the only thing I would bother spending is the $4.50 beginners box or whatever it’s called that has some chest and a an xp boost. In no way have I felt it’s a requirement to get good gear etc. I’ve gotten heaps of awesome gear drops from killing legendary and epic enemies, also there’s the online revenge missions that give great loot. If people want to spend their money to make getting good gear faster then let em. I prefer the old fashioned method. Either way it hasn’t effected the game at all imho.

  12. I was excited for a minute. I thought the game had tripled in size.

  13. You’re comparing a single player game to an online game. I’m not defending these companies. Just doesn’t really match up. Just about every multiplayer game today has micro transactions. Many single player games don’t. Aside from season pass content.

  14. Everyone I’ve seen streaming SOW have really enjoyed it despite the loot boxes

  15. In Shadow of War they are so easily obtainable that you don’t ever feel like you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t buy them. Loot boxes aren’t bad unless they are required to buy with only IRL money or their stupid hard to get like in call of duty.

  16. Yeah, this is the standard not the exception, which is why shadow of war and SW Battlefront have been getting so much attention.

  17. Also no dlc yet. And it will be paid dlc when it comes out.

    Part of the debate around loot boxes is that it enables free dlc and doesn’t split the player base in multiplayer games

  18. …Why would a single player game have micro transactions any way?

  19. Probably unpopular opinion, but i thought that game was good until it wasn’t anymore. Very repetitive, very fast. All the good things about it faded away really quickly.

  20. The Shadow of War lootboxes are not even forced or necessary to buy in the game. Like. Stop freaking out about it.

  21. Stop comparing single player games to multiplayer games. Apples and oranges. If you wanted to make an effective post, you woulda used Overwatch or Dota

  22. This is a universally panned business model. If publishers are still implementing this then they know they have us by the balls. The only way to send a clear message is by voting with your wallets.

  23. Perhaps just as concerning: why type “Triple A” instead of “AAA”?

  24. Loot boxes aren’t inherently bad. Most games have some instance of random chance. Heck, HZD has random upgrades that drop from enemies. Or take World of Warcraft for instance. Raid Bosses have large loot pools, of which 2-5 items will drop from(sometimes duplicates). It takes 10 to 25 people to beat these guys, and even if you do, A) the gear you want from them may not even drop, and B) if it does, you’re fighting with usually 3-10 other people for said item. That seems a lot worse than a loot box.

    My paladin tank went the ENTIRE Lich King expansion(which was about 2 years), raiding every week, and not once did a tank shield drop for him. I literally tanked Arthas, the main boss of the whole expansion, with the same shield that I crafted 19 months earlier.

    Overwatch is another example of loot boxes being largely fine. They’re entirely cosmetic, easily obtainable in game, and incentivizes players to return on a regular basis to try and unlock skins, particularly during events.

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War is also fine because, while you can definitely use real money to buy loot boxes if you want, you’re pretty much swimming in in-game currency so you never feel paying money is required to be competitive in any way. You absolutely CAN, but you don’t NEED to. The devs made and balanced the game specifically around NOT buying loot boxes so, while they definitely help if you’re willing to throw money, they’re not required to beat the game by any stretch. They also don’t potentially give you a 1-up over people who didn’t throw money since it’s a single player game.

    SWBF2, on the other hand, is a heaping pile of shit and deserves every bit of shit slinging people can muster. Not because random loot systems are inherently bad, but because random loot + upgrades + multiplayer = POTENTIAL pay to win garbage. On top of it just being a mediocre shit sequel to an even shittier game that blemished a previously fantastic franchise’s name. Even pay2win games are better than this shit because you just pay for what you want, not a CHANCE to get what you want. It’s literally the shittiest skeeviest money grab system they could possibly muster.

  25. I really would not mind at all if they just flat out half-ass pc ported this game. I want to play it soooo bad

  26. Just started this game on my PS4 Pro. Wow it’s good.

  27. Not that I agree with lootboxes, but anyone who needs to buy lootboxes to progress Shadow of War is just really bad or really lazy, i get nonstop loot and levels just playing the game.

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