40 thoughts on “I’m surprised I didn’t throw the Controller [Dark Souls 3]

  1. Ayy you got the soul though, which means you killed the boss, which means you still won! Just in the most Dark Souls way ever

  2. The amount of emotion in setting the controller down is astounding.

  3. The boss kill would still count, and you could recollect your souls on the way back.. only thing you lost there was an ember

  4. So this is the legendary Dark Souls way of life I hear so much about. I’ve had friends suggest I don’t play it, because they don’t want to be responsible for putting that on me.

  5. Dragonslayer Armour was a decently fun boss but the demons shooting those fireballs always annoyed me whenever I tried to heal

  6. I played a lot of monster hunter, so when I played DS3 I felt like the bosses where a lot easier but every thing else as hell, including where the hell I was supposed to go

  7. I didn’t have a problem fighting this boss until my third playthrough. It was weird in my opinion. Each playthrough I had different difficulties with the bosses. One was harder than it was the previous playthrough. Then one of the harder ones was so much easier. Like pontif for example. Took me 30 Something tries on the first playthrough then took him out first try on the second. Only to be wrecked repeatedly by the last boss when I beat it in 3 tries. on the first go. I did have that happen to me on the last boss the third time I played though. We hit and killed each other at the same time. Sadly for me it didn’t count because I got hit too soon.

  8. Reminds me of the time I was playing DS1 for the first time. Fighting the Taurus demon, I jumped on his back, he rotated 90 degrees, and I fell off the edge of the bridge after killing him. Died to the firebombers on my way back and smashed my controller on the wall. Good times

  9. I was helping a friend with Aldritch and he got blasted by the homing spell right after killing it. I was disappointed because it was his third lord of cinder and he skipped being warped into the Dancers room.

  10. That’s what you get for standing still on that fight you dingus

  11. My only thought while watching this:

    Good job on the kill! He can be frustrating.

  12. If there’s one thing Dark Souls will teach you, it’s being okay with a lose (x10 times over). I wasn’t even mad at that death.

  13. Dark souls rules number #7 after beating the boss check your surroundings for surprise attacks. That one of my rules.

  14. You still killed the boss and that’s the most important part.


    You’re playing with an N64 controller, so I’d actually reason the most important part is making sure you thumbs aren’t bleeding.

    Make sure to do that.

  15. I don’t get it: where does this seemingly random explosion come from?

  16. How did you forget the fireball-spitting skeleton-butterflies? Rookie mistake.

  17. Rookie move, everyone knows to keep moving in that boss fight for this exact reason.

  18. It’s stuff like this that makes me too afraid to play this game…

  19. as soon as I saw which boss you were fighting and downed him, I knew exactly what was happening next.

  20. I haven’t gotten to this boss yet. What killed him, the Pilgrim Butterfly (I think that’s what it’s called?)?

  21. As someone that hasn’t played Dark Souls, what the hell killed the player? :S

  22. Knew exactly what was going to happen when the video started. It’s happened to me too haha. Think it was the first time I beat him as well. Was so pissed off.

  23. Nah I recognise the move. Gently putting down the controller as you question your very existence.

  24. No point in getting mad as long as you won the fight. You’re next to 2 bonfires, with easy access to a third.

  25. Easiest boss of the game too. Git Good you failure. Try fucking Estus and rolling noob.

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