I’d buy a lot more games if…

Game demo's waren nog steeds een ding. Op dit moment zijn er een paar spellen waarin ik geïnteresseerd ben

Total War Warhammer 2
Schaduw van Oorlog, enz

Maar niet geïnteresseerd genoeg om te kopen zonder wat een gameplay demo hands on of een verkoop (zowel nieuwe dus geen verkoop op elk moment binnenkort)

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11 thoughts on “I’d buy a lot more games if…

  1. The reason game demos aren’t a thing anymore is because, on a large scale, people buy less when demos are available. It was more likely for someone to play a demo and decide not to buy the game than visa versa. You might be the exception to that, but in general it’s not true. They would rather you just buy their shitty game.

  2. Some games on steam do have demos. There are also freeplay weekends on certain titles.
    Unfortunately, the only real choice for most all games is to watch a gameplay video.

  3. Warhammer 2 needs a really strong computer but it’s pretty fun.

  4. I used to love off free ps2 game demos from magazines when I was younger

  5. Honestly one of the biggest downsides to blockbuster going under was the loss of video game rentals. 3 day rental gave you everything you needed to know about the game. If you beat it, you luck out by not buying a game you can beat so handily. If you enjoy it you can buy it and if you hate it then all you’ve lost is $10 rental. Those days unfortunately are gone.

  6. Nintendo still does lots of game demos for 3DS and the switch. I almost never see any micro transaction bullshit, so I kinda feel pampered when I hear the sad direction gaming has turned towards for others

  7. Warhammer Total War 2 is significantly better than 1 imo. The map, campaign, and story are all better.

  8. steam has refunds, you have a 2 hour demo on any game and then you can refund it

  9. There were more questing and adventure games oriented towards women. I just don’t get into war and battle and weaponry.

  10. No one would buy shadow of war if it was on a demo disk. Hell, you could just replay those 15 or so minutes again and again and it would be like you bought the full game.

  11. So, game companies are allowed to screw us, but when someone pirates a game, he’s a dick. I will totally pirate every single game.

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