22 thoughts on “Iceland qualifies for World Cup for first time

  1. Now that they keep training during winter, prepare for Iceland to raid the continent more frequently.

  2. I would love the Match Germany-Iceland in the Final game, because if we can’t get the Cup, they do deserve it. And I think they can be a suprisingly hard opponent, even for the german team.

  3. This is excellent, congratulations! However I’m a bit afraid that they may do like in France and move half of the population to the host country… the problem is that this time it’s in Russia.. not sure that’s a smart move guys, better watch on TV…

  4. This is a bit more than a feel good story about a tiny nation, they have one of the best-run national teams in all sports and considerable talent on the field. Making the QFs at the Euros is no joke and I’m sure they will contend a place in the knockout stages no matter the opposition. Gotta have huge amounts of respect for the players, technical staff and the federation alike for creating all this.

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