14 thoughts on “I wish modern games would just charge an extra $10 and just get rid of the microtransactions

  1. I wish people would stop buying games with microtransactions, or at least stop spending on them.

  2. Or just not have microtransactions in the first place

    ESPECIALLY in full price AAA titles.

  3. Ehh, it’s not worth $10 more. I’d just stop playing video games altogether

  4. Step 1, be a huge company and advertise game as exactly that. $10 more, no microtransactions. No patches. A complete experience.

    Step 2, wait a bit

    Step 3, add microtransactions (with an excuse about hosting, continued dev or support costs), patches to fix bugs on consoles with identical hardware to what should have been tested prior to release. Yearly releases.

    Free $10. At this point I’m not entirely sure the price of the game from any huge company has any real relation to the cost of development

  5. I’d pay $60 to get rid of microtransactions. As microtransactions are only acceptable in free to play games.

  6. I wish modern games would be $10 cheaper and just get rid of paid DLC.

  7. I’m looking at it sideways because unfortunately these microtransactions aren’t going anywhere soon. I wish games would cost less at launch because of them though. Imagine 3A games at 30 bucks brand new

  8. Hell I would pay an extra $40 if they got ride of all MT and DLC. $100 for a game with 2 years of support and free content, maybe a full expiation I can buy later. Yes please sign me up.

    This nickle and dimeing people just is a huge turn off anymore.

  9. Or you just don’t support microtransactions at all without paying more money for it.

  10. LMFAO!

    You Doofus they tried this years ago.

    When the XBONE & PS4 dropped they originally wanted to sell the games for about $80-$100 each.

    They literally tried to price games to match inflation since it hadn’t changed since the PS1 era.

    But as gamers we said no we won’t pay that outrageous price. Studios dropped them back down to $60. But the costs to make games, market them, pay staff and benefits, etc… rose with inflation.

    So, now they need to recoup money and keep a good profit margin, so they drop DLC & Micro transactions.

    So yes, they are trying to make money (just like a business should), but since you won’t actually pay $100 for a game without micro transactions, they’ll continue to use them.

  11. I’d pay 100 per game if that meant not including microtransactions

  12. I feel like people don’t understand just how cheap games are nowadays. Games have remained at the $60 price point for a while and inflation has decreased the value of the dollar. This means that game companies make less money, and that’s why they NEED to charge people for DLC and micro transactions. But everybody chooses to ignore that cause they’re greedy, and what their games for cheap

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