I remember when first Need For Speed (1994) launched, it had photorealistic graphics.

Ik herinner me toen de eerste Need For Speed ​​(1994) van start ging, het had fotorealistische grafieken.

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22 thoughts on “I remember when first Need For Speed (1994) launched, it had photorealistic graphics.

  1. I remember having my mind blown doing burnouts and leaving tire marks on the road.

  2. My first NFS was 2. Then i installed a Voodoo2 card and launched the NFS 2SE. It was like entering a new era.

  3. I had it on the Sega Saturn. Its the one I have the best memories of and was the first racing game for me without circuits. I had most of the follow ups as well till Most Wanted. I don’t`t like the new ones they all look like copy paste…

  4. And in the meantime, I’m thinking “Man, good draw distance and framerate for ’94!”

  5. Always remember being blown away by the graphics of the PS1, then PS2, then PS3. Will kids in 20 odd years look back with the same delight? I doubt it.

  6. Gotta love the gauge that shows you how many Road&Tracks you’re doing.

  7. What an interesting bit of gameplay you picked for this showcase!

  8. I got Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit bundled with my PC in 1999. I remember playing it and thinking “meh, this is ok” without realising that I could enable D3D hardware acceleration. At the time I didn’t even realise that my PC *had* a GeForce 256 in it (it was the family computer and because the one we’d ordered was heavily delayed they gave us a superior model).

    One day while playing and thinking it was a bit blocky and jerky, I delved into the menus trying to improve performance slightly. I found and checked checked the *D3D* checkbox in and my mind was blown.

    It ran super-smooth at an offensive resolution (for the time at least, 1600×1200), the reflections of lights in the paint of cars, the shine of streetlights on the road. It was a thing of beauty and totally blew my mind.

  9. i don’t get it, why are you posting a video segment of a racing car?

  10. But that opening scene of the Jaguar and Lotus in the leaves….oooohhh gawd dayumn

  11. idk why racing games have gotten worse every year since the ps2 debuted, looking prettier and playing shittier with each iteration

  12. What was the racing game around this time, maybe slightly before it. Slightly less graphics. If you rubbed on the guard rail you would have sparks and if you rubbed too long you would blow up and lose? I remember playing it a ton when I was really little

  13. i remember my local GAME had a 45inch (ish) projection tv (£4.5k worth) and a £700 3do playing this and i was amazed thinking how advanced it looked and how amazing it must be to play.

    in 2017 i have a 120inch projector with a £3k PC and its multiple orders of magnitude more amazing, so much so i couldn’t even conceive of such quality back then.

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