7 thoughts on “I really hope ea don’t fuck the wc mode this year

  1. Won’t be surprised if they show everyone a middle finger and would try to sell as many packs this WC.

  2. It is gonna be one big promo to push fifa point sales even higher.The shitty gameplay wont change because they dont care about those things.

  3. Quite frankly if they did the exact same thing as last time I would be ridiculously happy.

  4. What I would like to see:

    No market; the best thing was that it was grinding the gme and every game you got 1 player, it needs to stay

    SBCs have WC packs; I would like to see a gold upgrade or even an SBC for a pack, even if MM has a couple a week or bi-weekly

    Keep it simple; Let players play for fun and earn rewards

    Lets play friends; The biggest feature missing was this, actually letting us play with friends

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