30 thoughts on “I have an SBC addiction. Please send help.

  1. I am also addicted , spent all my coins from rewards on sbc now am less than 10k coins left

  2. In 17 I did a lot of sbcs and I found that it wasn’t as fun as just having the coins for players instead, because if you ever wanna change your team you can’t because all your coins are locked up in untradeables

  3. Team looking sick! Atleast your addiction brought something useful. Better than having a pack opening addiction

  4. Put Overmars at RM to get van Dijk and Hamsik both on full chem instead of using Promes was there – apart from that, this is a great team that looks like great fun!

  5. Aw, u needed van der saar for chem and nlw =/
    Edit: hamsik and promes are also off chem, nice hybrid though!

  6. You might want to do Overmars, with his 5 WF he can help you solve chemistry issues on the right side and he is very fast and a great dribbler.

  7. wow. There are a few of those that I wanted, and couldn’t get b/c of my coins at that time – but you must have dropped a few $K for that, eh?

    I have (3) SBC players on my squad: Xmas Nainggolan, Xmas Lingard, SBC Hamsik – costed about 700K or so

    Here is my current squad – saving up for the January TOTM, hoping to squeeze Aguero in there for around 300K


  8. Me 2 man, ive done most of the cheap Icons, Petit, Bergkamp, Ferdinand, Hernandez and Matthaus. Ive done all the league SBC’s i do MM every week, i did 5 or 6 Futmas ones. I suppose its one way to play the game. I hate saving so chipping away at SBC’s is the best way for me to go.

    Also Fut founder and have never used an Icon so now im just getting my fill

  9. I’ve done every SBC except Bayern’s Bundesliga one. Waiting till prices fall on that.

  10. I have some great untradeables, feel obligated to use them, but it was hurting my team overall. I have Bale and a bunch of Futmas collecting dust now. Guess I’ll trade em in eventually. Pirlo and Giovinco already went into Bergkamp SBC :s

  11. İnteresting squad. Sbc players are cool but they get outdated quick and you are left with players you can’t really sell.

  12. Wh.. Wh… Wheres your Jesus…. Yo… Your Sané? Wh.. What about Ba… Bak.. Bakayoko?

  13. How did you get the coins for all these SBCs if you always have them tied up in untradeables? Got a FIFA points addiction too?

  14. And now what will you have to do? Let me guess get your wallet out and buy more fifa points.
    People fall right in EAs trap.
    I have only have Pirlo because he is was so cheep.
    Basically not worth doing any EA coin sink SBCs.
    Its so transparent i can’t bring myself to do it.


    Ok people dont like my comment or the truth it seems.
    First of all im not taking about every SBC like the MM’s and such. Im talking about over priced player SBCs like TOTW & OTW packs and icons that are as much to craft as to actually buy off the market.
    These SBC’s are in the game to make you waste coins and then spend actual mony on the game so you can open packs to get more.
    If you can’t see this or simply enjoy bending over for EAs big co*k to slide right in then enjoy.
    Just look at a some of the comments in here from people who have spent close to a million coins on players they don’t even use makes real sense to me.

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