I experienced a ‘game changing bug’ this weekend. EA need to be aware of this. My player model was completely changed in-game.

Okay so I’m well aware of the visual bug that happens to some players where they become lower rated and this is more than just that.

My FUTmas Ibra was changed IN GAME during FUT champs to a player called Brown. An English GK with 1* 1*. His stats were changed and the player model was changed.

Here is a link to the album showing the in game stats, player model and how he appeared in the status screen. https://imgur.com/a/6grEB

It meant for the whole weekend I couldn’t use him. I haven’t tried it today to see if it is fixed but just imagine if it was TOTY Ronaldo and I was a Pro trying to qualify!

P.S. I tried to use him and can confirm he did in fact have 1* skills. I would have recorded it but I’m on Xbox and well… you know!

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18 thoughts on “I experienced a ‘game changing bug’ this weekend. EA need to be aware of this. My player model was completely changed in-game.

  1. My theory is that when EA create players that copy and paste a default player and make the appropriate changes. Perhaps every player is Scott Brown with a different face/height/stats.

  2. Ultimate Team has been out since 2009, and EA still don’t have a polished game mode. Their persistent incompetence is on a level I’ve never seen from any other game developer.

    Hell, just two years ago they figured out how to properly apply chem styles. And that was only because the community discovered the bug and had irrefutable proof.

    Who knows how many other bugs and hidden mechanics are behind the scenes that can’t be 100% proven by the players, or are written off as “visual bugs”.

  3. Scott Brown is a Null Pointer Exception Fallback.
    It happens when there are problems downloading the latest squad updates.

    Just exit FUT and Fifa completely and restart.

    Happens with OTW Yarmolenko all the time.

  4. 99 agility, balance, composure and strenght? And you complain?

    That’s awesome! xD

  5. I had the exact same thing happen with normal Ibra a couple months ago. Absurd that this Ibra to Brown thing is a wider problem.

  6. I had to stop using ibra because this suddenly kept on happening after like 30 games with him. Idk what causes it.

  7. Happened to me too

    Apparently Brown is a GK but he has outfielder stats. When my Brown was subbed he was wearing GK clothes

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