54 thoughts on “How to upsell Origin

  1. I don’t even think origin is that bad anymore, in comparison to how they all work. It’s kinda annoying that you need launchers for these games now, and having a bunch of different launchers is annoying and if you don’t close them out they just eat up memory.

  2. Can we stop this circlejerk already?

    Steam, Origin, and UPlay all do what they’re supposed to. They all have pros and cons, but at the end of the day, they all *work* for the most part.

  3. I still don’t understand what issues people have with Uplay or Origin, both of these services have worked just fine for me over the past years.

  4. EA Origin: Our program is better than uPlay by a lot. Worse than Steam by a lot.

    Our customer service is leagues ahead of Steam and uPlay. Like light years ahead.

    PS – You’re welcome for making digital game refunds industry standard.

  5. Origin Access is actually amazing.

    Anyone who hasn’t tried it is SERIOUSLY missing out.

    $5 a month for BF1/BF4, Mass Effect series (not andromeda), SW:BF1, Trine 1&2, and many others. I don’t think there’s a better (legal) deal in gaming.

  6. A friend of mine worked for EA some time. She told me that everyone there knows that Origin sucks. Not even EA employees like Origin.

  7. Am I the only person that doesnt hate uplay? I get that its annoying bc its outside of Steam, but its been basically flawless for me. I actually really like their system of having achievements that give points which can be redeemed for in-game stuff.

  8. Origin™: Why Don’t I Play the Sims Again? It Looks Awesome. Oh Yeah, Because It’s On Origin™.

  9. I disagree. Zero problems with uplay, but a constant bullshit experience on Origin. Games won’t install, game suddently switches to russian, refund won’t even acknowledge me, support doesn’t respond to any messages. Fuck Origins and fuck EA.

  10. But Uplay works from within Steam, and all their games are buyable within Steam, Origin outright refuses to play nice with Steam.

    Uplay > Origin

  11. I miss Origin. The real Origin, that made games, and not just games but cutting edge shit with every installment. Putting the skin of one of the greatest gaming companies of that era on their shitty distribution platform is adding insult to the injury of destroying the company in the first place.

  12. I know its popular to shit all over Origin, but the last couple times I’ve had to deal with their customer service it was outstanding. They also hand out freebies every now and then too.

  13. Since Blizzard just brought 3rd party game ([Destiny 2](https://eu.battle.net/shop/ru/product/destiny2)) to their Battle.net, doesn’t kind of bring them to the similar category as Origin, UPlay and Steam.

    I suppose it deserves a mention.

    Moreover, probably they might bring some other 3rd party games there and developing Battle.net in that way. What you think?

  14. I have to basically run origin in compatability mode on windows 10. And I have mess with a ton of settings to get the ui to scale slightly with 4k. It’s junk

  15. Steam > battle.net > origin = uplay > bethesda > twitch > nvidia

  16. They give out a free game every month, so it’s not that hard to promote

  17. I’m more bothered by the fact they missed the fact they could use their symbol as the O in Origin. K keep reading it as Oorigin.

    Also have never used Uplay (and rarely Steam), my PC gaming is limited pretty much to Sims and Witcher.

  18. a couple of updates ago it no longer runs on my pc so “at least you cant install it”

  19. Origin isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever used, it’s just kind of pointless in that it only has ea-published games

  20. I happen to like uplay, didn’t even know it was disliked.

    Then again Ubisoft is also my favorite game company so /shrug

  21. Got two emails from (shudder) Uplay this morning stating password trying to be reset (not by me), so I opened Uplay to check, all went fine…

    Then I had to open browser to change password to something even more random & unlikely to guess.

    Reset fine, logged into Uplay client fine, logged into….what? Website tells me can’t log in.

    I’d copy/pasted password so there’s no errors. Double check, triple check, reset & change to same results. Tried ten hours later when got in to no avail, yet client still works with new password.

    Hell, can’t even change my email.

    Fuck Uplay :/

  22. Frankly, all these damn launchers are very little beyond glorified game patchers, and pretty much indistinguishable from each other these days. They mostly just work. Yeah, you hear about it when they don’t (i.e. Windows Store), but if you actually care about friends lists/chat/whatever extra crap the platform devs try to shove in, there are third party apps that are much better at it.

  23. Yes, origin is not as good as steam, but it’s still a good game platform

  24. Kind of a downsell, no? I thought Ubisoft killed UPlay a couple years back.

  25. If I had to pick UBI or EA, UBI would win. I don’t buy anything from either company though.

  26. I actually prefer Uplay to origin, but maybe that’s because Origin have “accidently” deleted my Account twice (almost immediatly after I expressly told them that’s not what I wanted) and almost deleted it a third time.

  27. Atm im liking Ubisoft more than ea. At least they have some decent games and are trying out new IPs

  28. Wow wow wow, that’s not fair.

    UPlay at least remembers my login details when I ask it to. I don’t think the remember me button actually does anything on Origin, except fuel disappointment the next time I’m forced to open it.

  29. Not a fan of the UI or customer service, but Origin Access has been the best purchase decision I’ve made in quite some time.

  30. At least Uplay lets you launch their game through Steam, which Origin does not allow.

  31. uplay is fucking garbage i fucking hate ubisoft as a company, they just create unfinished products and don’t even finish them afterwards like any other company would do if they already failed at the beginning.

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