88 thoughts on “How not to use your Fallout glasses

  1. Either this guy’s imagination has struck luck with coincidence or those cups were designed intentionally to assemble like that and the makers knew someone out there will find out this kinky combination.

  2. Wow now I’m that guy calling out reposts. Seriously this is from day 1 of the launch of fallout 4 how long ago was that?

  3. This has been reposted so many times, please for the love of all that is holy, fucking stop

  4. This is only the third time I’ve seen this make it to the front page in the past year.

  5. That was exactly the same chronology of events of my night drinking. Just yesterday.

  6. It also doesn’t really matter. People upvote things they like and downvote things they don’t.

    Until something gets reposted enough that the majority of people have seen it enough times to get tired of it, it’ll continue to get upvoted. That’s fine – not everyone has seen everything.

  7. It is literally exactly how they were designed. It is exactly how they are meant to be stacked…

  8. That would make a lovely commercial for Vault Tech. Well, maybe not lovely, but quite convincing.

  9. Excuse me OP, I believe you may have accidentally included the word “not” in a sentence where it was not required.

  10. If this is how *not* to use them then why did you intentionally set them up like that?

  11. That is hilarious! I wonder what other cups that creste funny images are out there

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