7 thoughts on “How long until you’ll be on? (Why I have trust issues)

  1. Is your friend my friend?

    Does he also never tell you if he’s going to be late, or that he’s going to be a no show? Even tho it takes less then 30seconds to send a text?

  2. My friend gives me shit for doing that a lot but most of the time its out of my control.

  3. I had one friend who said he was going to take a shower then for the next 6 months only joined teamspeak for 5 mins no more.

  4. Last time it was like “We gonna play on Sunday all day long”. Text on Sunday morning: “Shit, not gonna play today, sorry”

  5. I have a friend who said he will go kitchen and come back in 20 mins. After said that he came back after 2 hours….

  6. I do it too. But I’m more realistic. Mine is: Gonna eat, gimme about half an hour.

    Then: Prepare, cook, eat, lounge, watch some Achievement Hunter, clean up, wash dishes and finally get on… ‘Bout an hour. Then get pissed off because they’re not on anymore.

  7. Side note: a few years ago I told my friends I had to walk my dog (which I did every night) and then I didn’t come back on for a year

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