Here’s an idea for tactics that I think would make this game a LOT BETTER

Instead having all this shits (open links) that nobody really likes and you can’t eddit pre-game why can’t EA let us make our own counter-attack, high pressure and etc tactics so we can switch in real time without having to spend a pause !

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It’s not like im asking you to buy decent servers or put in a good gameplay, but at least let us try to simulate a real match with different contexts. I can be humble and defende with 11 with a guy that keeps smashing me. Maybe I dont suffer and i can score in a counter attack or maybe later I can be the one with the possesion because a football match normally have 2 teams dominating per periods. SO we should be able to switch to counter-attack, high pressure or long ball to our own tactics on the menu.

(sry for bad englando, I went to pasza london school ) .

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