88 thoughts on “Happy 10th birthday “The Orange Box” (10.09.07)

  1. Still the best bang for the buck game I’ve ever bought.

  2. The Orange Box made me feel like Valve was really starting to go places. It showed me that they could deliver multiple projects at the same time without sacrificing quality. I had visions of all kinds of cool new games coming out over the next several years.

    Boy was I wrong.

  3. This was the deciding factor that got me into pc gaming. TF2 was such a riot and Portal was a mind bender. Thanks for the good times.

  4. It’s been 10 years since the last Half Life game…

    Fuck, I guess it actually is never gonna happen.

  5. I bought this for TF2 and found myself enjoying Portal even more.

    Didn’t get drawn into HL at all otherwise. Blasphemy, I know.

  6. Back when people still consider to buy or not to buy this bundle

  7. I still think its funny that Valve was accused of anti-competitive tactics when this game out.

  8. Only one of these games got a sequel after the Orange Box released.

  9. Can’t think of a better deal in gaming history… even at full price this was a steal

  10. This was the first “game” I got all 1000 Gamerscore on on my xbox back when it came out and probably one of the coolest things I’ve spent my time on in gaming.

  11. This makes me sad given the current state of F2P/P2W/PDLC etc..

  12. When people say they are tired of remasters on ps4/Xbox one and i show them this!!!

  13. Portal is the reason I got I to PC gaming. You can only play the game so many times on the 360 before it gets boring. Needed those custom maps!

  14. Never could into TF2 and still working on HL2, but I really enjoyed portal. One of the best puzzle games out there!

  15. Just bought this for myself the other day. Was pleasantly surprised to see it looks pretty good even by today’s standards.

  16. It’s hard to believe that there was a time when TF2 was considered to be one of those games that was never going to come out (8 years between the first showing and release) and now it’s been out for a decade.

  17. I think you’re a day early. The tenth was the day it came out, wasn’t it?

  18. I’m not even into half-life and I’ve got vicarious feels. You guys are good people who got treated bad.

  19. I was just thinking about what time in gaming i’d like to go back to. Most of the time it’s EverQuest. However, internet in rural areas wasn’t too popular at the time just yet.

    So second pick is when the orange box came out. Was still in gamer mode, was able to put in 6-7 full hours with a full time job. Met some awesome people. Good times.

  20. I can’t imagine my life without it. Over time thousand hours in these games, mostly tf2, but my god are they all perfect. Still extremely playable today, every one of them. The game engine holds up very strong, smoother and better shooting and physics than many modern games.

  21. It is oddly annoying how the list of games is sorted. Why can’t the half-lifes be in order!

  22. I would actually take a remake of half life 1 and 2 in the absense of HL3

  23. Am i the only one annoyed by the order of the games on that list???

  24. From Orange Box to loot crates.

    This evolution certainly was a triumph, but not for gamers.

  25. When gabe decided to release 3 new games at once. It was so good.

  26. Lately Valve do not deserve the kind of devotion their fans are still giving them.

  27. I remember the day this came out. I was around 8 years old, and my oldest brother Matt and my brother Sam had gotten up super early to play. (set the oven to go off at 3 am) I staying up suuuper late cause I was so excited, but when I woke up the next morning at 8am Matt was having fun, playing Portal because they wanted to try out this new game first before episode 2. It was fun, watching my brothers play and yell at each other, I remember being so excited that he was playing episode 2 I threw up all over the coach. (it had a sink hole there til the day we threw it out) and I couldn’t wait for episode 3 to come out. Sam had high hopes that it would come out christmas of this year.

    I have really only played TF2 out of this, but the orange box gave me and my family along with friends a lot of great memories. People would come over just to play it on my brother’s PC, I remember we had a friend whose last name was Lamar, so we always had jokes about him being a headcrab in disguise. Its strange looking back all these years later, I am now 18, finished highschool, have a sweet boyfriend and am leaving soon to travel the country. The world is in a very different place then it was 10 years ago.

    Honestly, I’m not even angry that half life 3 never came out, I am just saddened by the fact it never did. My family loves half life, hell my brother Sam HAS a Lambda Tattoo on his chest because it was the first game he ever beat, it was a such a huge part of our childhoods. It was always building up to something bigger was just around the bend, but the answers never came. Even in the leaked episode 3 script from the old writer, we didn’t get answers, just a conclusion.

    RIP Half Life 3. You will forever be my family’s white whale. Your hype will never live up to you.

  28. When I bought the orange box, it was the first time I played any of the games on it.

    By far the best purchase I could have made!

  29. Boy does Reddit love to remind people of anniversaries of things.

  30. Upvote for those who played a lot of TF2 on their 360. Poor Xbox 360 version. They wanted updates for you but Microsoft was just too expensive.

  31. First PC game bought on my own personal PC. My girlfriend (now ex) bought it for my birthday. Best gift ever up till now!

  32. This is a company giving you true value.

    Five (awesome) games for the reasonable price of one.

    Unlike today where the charge you once for half a game and continue to charge you for each expansion they come out with

    Valve may not be coming out with HL3, but they nailed this one.

  33. Does anyone know why it lists the Half-Life games in apparent reverse chronological order?

    Half-Life 2: Episode Two

    Half-Life 2: Episode One

    Half-Life 2

  34. Pffft, I remember buying the $80 “Gold Box” during the 2004 launch, complete with AMD Radeon 9800XT show from Alcatraz

  35. Thanks for ruining counter strike source with this engine!

    We all applaud you, orange box.

  36. I haven’t had an Xbox 360 for years but I’ll never give up my copy of Orange Box. Game literally changed my life.

  37. This was the best gaming purchase of my life. I have played a lot games in my lifetime, but (the majority) were not purchased. OB goes up against the likes of Oblivion, Skyrim and Deus Ex : HR and I still find it superior to all of them. That isn’t to say that the listed games are bad, just in terms of value and enjoyment, the Orange box takes the cake (hah!).

    HL2 and the episodes were amazing single player experiences, and the best one for me has to be the place where you defend Alyx with the Vorts from the Antlions. The music, the gameplay, the lines, everything that was put into that moment still gives me goosebumps if i think about it and I was just buzzing when I played it for the first time.

    Portal was just a diamond in the rough, the comedy was on point, the gameplay was on point.

    Team Fortress 2, which started with only 6 maps and no items, took up alot of my time. I spent years playing the game, watching it grow from its earliest versions, waiting for blog posts, refreshing the blog page whilst waiting for the hero patches, speculating, forum posting. I still remember the game where I played as Heavy. I killed 44 enemies on stage 1 of a payload map and i just kept them in their base until the timer ran out with 0 deaths. The medic who supported me added me and we played again a few times.

    Not to mention what all of these games did for modding, for content creators and for the players. Say what you will about Valve, but this is the reason I purchase Valve’s games even if I don’t play them alot (CS:GO for example).

  38. Uhh…what’s the difference between HL2: Episode 1/2 and Half Life 2

    I’m sorry I’ve never been able to play HL before ;~;

  39. I find it funny that HL2 was released 10 years ago and somehow looks better than some of today’s titles.

  40. Man wouldn’t it have been awesome if they released half life 3 on the tenth anniversary of the Orange box release?

  41. I remember my friends getting me this for my birthday and thinking wtf is this. SUch a good gift

  42. Haha, wow. My first real PC games were The Orange Box. Bought them in a Game Mania in 2010. Between 2010 and 2016 I logged almost 2000 hours on TF2. Time really flies…

  43. Got this as a bday gift from my neighbor (adult) when i was like 13. I had no clue what i was getting into but im so glad i got it

  44. God damned TF2 took hundreds of hours of my life away. Thankfully I stopped playing due to trading and hats bullshit.

  45. Is there any reason why Valve actually stopped making games? They’d made a bunch of hit titles (Portal series, left for dead, garry’s mod, half life series, tf2 etc), and they looked like they were going somewhere when BOOM! No more games.

  46. The only game I really played in the box was Portal. Love that game

  47. It was perfect for me. I originally owned HL2 on the original xbox and had just purchased my first gaming pc in 2007. Proud of this being my first steam purchase.

  48. I only bothered to play Portal, probably never will play Half Life since I don’t want to be disappointed by a series that will never be concluded. Eternal Darkness broke my heart plenty.

  49. One day they’ll attempt to make a Steam collection again on consoles.


  50. I remember being 16 waiting to check out at Walmart praying that the cashier wasn’t going to make sure I was 17 since it was rated T-M. I also remember this being the best box game deal ever.

  51. 2007 was really smack dab in the middle of the golden age of gaming

  52. I remember I was 17. I stayed up all night playing the Peggle tf2 free edition all night till the game came out. Freaking thing took until 12:30 to play. Beat every game before the sun rose then played tf2 till I collapsed. One of the few times games made me do that.

  53. I played Episode 2 and Portal a few weeks ago.

    Now I gotta play them again.

  54. Ah, yeah. I wasn’t legally allowed to buy (Not sold to people under 18 in Germany) it so I had to ask a friend to order it for me. Steam kinda ruins this experience when you can just buy games at any age and no one gives a shit.

  55. May half life 3 rest in peace, our sweetest dream, the bitterest of truths.

  56. This was when I finally got to experience half life 2. I had played it very briefly before on the original Xbox which was a VERY low Rez port.

    Playing all of these games felt like such an adventure.

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