21 thoughts on “Graphics mods are insane (Grand Theft Auto V)

  1. i don’t understand why more games don’t just go for realistic color correction right off the bat.

  2. The pictures of these graphical mods, whether GTA4 or GTA5, are always amazing. They’re impressive and make spectacular still frames for wallpaper and such.

    But aside from the fact that they use insane resources that will kill the framerate for most machines, they tend not to hold up when you’re actually *playing* the game. Shadows don’t transition right, reflections don’t match or are lower-res, people look great but move and act janky still, and the cars tend to lose all polish (figurative and literal) as soon as they start to deform into their vanilla style and shape.

    Same goes for the engine Oblivion/Skyrim runs on.

  3. In order to see this wasn’t a photo, I had to zoom and look at the fence on the left. The texture doesn’t make it look real. Later I noticed the rock wall on the right repeats too perfectly. Someone else pointed the perfectly blue sky in the mirrors.

    Seriously though, that’s some incredible detail work. Look at the snow on the back of the sign, it looks super real for such an unnecessary detail.

  4. Heres a video on this graphics mod, it’s called project nvrx (Well I believe this is the video)

  5. That’s gorgeous. Definitely going to have to check this mod out.

  6. is moding for gta v and iv easy for computer?

    i always wondered how that worked ?

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