75 thoughts on “GOTY confirmed. Can play with doggo

  1. Divinity would like to have a word with you. *With the Pet Pal talent.*

  2. Now we know where all of the abandoned nintendogs went 🙂

  3. I love this. In the new Assassin’s Creed you can just pet cats indefinitely and the more you do it the more cats follow you. I plan to take over Egypt with an army of cats.

  4. BotW allows Link to feed doggo which then leads him to treasure, that is kinda hard to beat

  5. “Doggo” doesn’t even roll off the tongue smoothly. Who the hell invented that term?

  6. They just took the freakin Shib from Nintendogs didn’t they? It runs the same!


  8. Are we not saying the names of the games anymore? What game is this? Obviously Mario but which one?

  9. Narrator – The bear cub looks up at you with the saddest eyes you’ve ever seen.

  10. Ah, so they listened to our complaints about not being able to play with the dogs in BoTW.

  11. That dog is wearing a hat, looks kind of like Indiana Jones has possessed that dog to me.

  12. this could possibly be the comfiest game since harvest moon snes holy shiet

  13. Please stop saying DOGGO. You don’t have to be a sheep. Think for yourself.

  14. Its called a dog not “doggo”. This trend needs to end.

  15. As much as I hate to say it…

    This might be the clip that gets me to buy a Switch. Almost got it for Zelda until I found out it could be played on the Wii U…

    …Now I gonna have to buy it again for the Switch. Damn it.

  16. But if he jumps in that water do the fish swim out of his way?

  17. What would make this an insta buy for me is if they added the chao garden but with dogs. lol

  18. I thought BoTW had this sewn up. Just give Odyssey the damned award already.

  19. 14 more days. I’m so excited. This might actually get more game play out of me than BotW

  20. If BotW was any indication, it’s that Nintendo is good at interactivity and creativity.

  21. Nope, Super Mario Bros 2 is game of the year. Every year…..

  22. Ah, but in Assassin’s Creed Origins you can pet cats. You’ve got some competition there Nintendo.

  23. Did anyone here play fetch with Chop in GTA 5, or were you all to busy beating hookers to death with baseball bats?

  24. Aaaaand… Now I know where I’ll spend most of my time in this game.

  25. It’s really so easy to captivate and blow away Nintendo fans.

  26. Get the fuck out of here with this fucking “doggo” bullshit.

  27. His hat just appears back on his head as he runs past. Literally unplayable

  28. I can’t downvote fast enough when i see the dumbass word “doggo”.

  29. Little do we know that poor mario is just trying to use cappy and the doggo is actually foiling all of his attempts.

  30. This looks like it could make me feel that wonderful feeling that a new and unique Mario game emparts. But it could also be a dumbed down piece of crap with a bunch of gimmicks.

  31. I like that as Mario is getting older, games are starting to put him in more of a retiree role. Sitting by the beach, playing with a doggert. It’s nice to see him start settling down a bit after years of mushroom addiction.

  32. Omg dogo play confirmed? End the contest now, GOTY is a small award for this masterpiece! We want the game of the century award!

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