20 thoughts on “Goalkeeper has got some skills.

  1. What. The. F.

    LOL this is really… I’m out of words. How this game keeps surprising me. Just read a post of someone who complained about all the rants, claiming “yeah, the game has it’s flaws but it’s still fun bla bla”… and then this lol.

    Horrible, horrible game.

  2. Oh my fucking god this is the best thing I have ever seen in my entrie life. If I would’ve conceeded that I would have died

  3. i’m pretty sure physics dont even allow such a thing. This game is fucking amazing.

  4. When I started playing squad battles i first tried slacking on amateur difficulty.
    The GK loves to do these kind of strange kicks on amateur.

    I guess you got the bad sliders.

  5. Things like this happen in football. I like that they happen occasionally in fifa, it keeps everyone on their toes.

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