Gaming Earbuds vs. Over the Ear Headphones

Wat betreft superconcurrentie en het willen hebben van enig / alle voordeel ten opzichte van mijn tegenstanders, wat is beter? Ik zie dat pro's voor veel games beide op het podium dragen, maar ik heb nooit geweten welke geluiden worden afgespeeld. Ik heb geruchten gehoord dat oordopjes eigenlijk beter zijn voor het horen van voetstappen enzo, maar ik heb nooit iemand met een heel goed paar die hen aanbeveelt, nooit echt gekend. Heeft iemand meer ervaring waar ze mij mee kunnen verlichten?

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5 thoughts on “Gaming Earbuds vs. Over the Ear Headphones

  1. The Astro A50 wireless headset is the only headset I can wear for prolonged periods of time and not only have an edge, but not feel uncomfortable. countless turtle beach headsets and XO one headsets always hurt my ears after wearing them more than an hour, but these are not only comfortable, I can hear EVERYTHING. I usually know exactly where someone is in Overwatch before they even turn the corner. Cost me about $300 and have had them almost one year this march and NO issues. Rechargeable station and everything, no wires.

  2. i’ve never noticed a difference of terms of sound quality between the headphones or earbuds.

    One thing that bugs me about earbuds is that after about an hour or so, they start to bother my ears. The comfy factor of headphones outweighs any kind of minuscule sound advantage that earbuds might provide..

  3. over the ear headphones all the way. They have the comfort and most the time better quality. They can really immerse you and allow you to really hear whats going on around you.

  4. It’s pretty much preference. I use some Sennhausers myself, but I like over the ear and dislike most gaming headsets.

  5. I find the over ears are better sounding, more comfortable, and cheaper. Plus they can block outside noise better.

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