Gamers who see a pay to win lootbox system but are still thinking about getting the game

Gamers die een loon zien om lootbox-systemen te winnen, maar denken nog steeds aan het krijgen van het spel

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24 thoughts on “Gamers who see a pay to win lootbox system but are still thinking about getting the game

  1. Blank expression. Don’t let them know you’re indifferent to death.

  2. I’m probably the second option. Still undecided though. I enjoyed the Battlefront 2 beta, but those loot boxes…

    Edit: so much salt below this comment. First, EA clarified how they plan to rework it into a more progression based system which puts this in line with other games. Second, people keep judging star card strength as some were over powered. This was a beta guys, they wanted to test things and get feedback. No it wasn’t perfect, but let’s see how it evolves. I’d argue the specialist ability was far more over powered than most star cards.

  3. Option 4:

    Pull the trigger while looking like Jimmy Fallon.

  4. Humorous, but with how players react lately to even the smell of purchasable **anything** I’m surprised they haven’t started a war and formed their own nation state.

    *shrug* what can you do

  5. By not buying a game I really want to play, even if I’m not happy it has lootboxes, I’m cutting my nose off to spite my face.

    Developers aren’t going to stop doing it if they’re still making money, whatever they lose in game sales they’re likely to make up in lootboxes purchases.

    It’s not the games people shouldn’t buy – this approach won’t work. It’s the looboxes themselves people should disregard.

  6. I wish people had a back bone sometimes and stood against all these shit micro transactions but cant blame people too much.

  7. Just cancelled my Destiny 2 preorder last night. Lootboxes was one of the reasons why albeit a tiny part of it.

  8. I’ll still play it and enjoy it. No one can truly pay to win. I can’t spend as much time playing as a lot of other people, so even without buying crates, people most of the time, still had advantage over me in the previous game just by putting time in and unlocking things. I still had a lot of fun with the game and expect a similar experience.

  9. Yeah here I am having a blast playing Shadow of War while al you are crying about it.

  10. You know, some of us have enough self control to NOT buy any lootboxes. Just because a game has them doesn’t mean you have to buy them, even in a pay to win system.

  11. I’m probably never going to play this game, but I’m curious about the context. From another comment, this seems to be from Yakuza 4. Is this from a short side mission? Does he actually just shoot himself in the head? Is there a lot in the game like this?

  12. Assuming this is about Battlefront 2, I’m buying it.

    I’m just not buying lootboxes.

    Game’s plenty fun without them.

  13. Shadow of War looks so good but I can’t justify supporting WB

  14. All of you apologists disgust me.
    No credit incentive to play the objective to have the funds to purchase loot boxes. So someone with the money can unlock more rapidly than someone who plays the game to earn the credits. I don’t see any grey area in this issue, this is pay to win and it has no place in a game like this.

  15. What about those of us that aren’t thinking about it, but have actually gleefully pre-ordered?

  16. The trick is that not everyone is a crybaby that complains about literally everything.

    Me playing games:

    * I play the game
    * I use free loot crates
    * I buy loot crates
    * In some games I don’t buy loot crates at all
    * I move on with my life

    You playing games:

    * Cry about loot crates
    * Don’t buy game you weren’t going to buy anyway
    * Try to stir up as much drama as possible
    * Ask mommy for tendies

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