19 thoughts on “FYI: Weekly pre-order bonus packs are now over if you bought the game before launch.

  1. I didnt get a single decent pack from them this year, dont think il be pre ordering fifa 19 it wasn’t worth it at all.

  2. Not like I got anything over 83 anyway but the hope of packing an icon is half dead. Only my Silver 2 WL rewards remain now. 🙁

  3. I got nothing from these for years but packed Hazard a few weeks ago. Go well, sweet pre-order packs.

  4. Got great packs from them 🙁 Including Higuain, Mane twice (when he was going for over 150k), Ramos and Naingollan not to mention two ‘discard’ informs, not bad!

  5. I’ll never forget spending $150 on packs during the TOTY hype and getting nothing. However on the last days of the promo I get TOTY Marcelo in a pre order 15k pack…….

  6. 🙁 didn’t have great pack luck, but will miss the sbc fodder
    Might need to take SB more seriously for my weekly pack fix

  7. Best rating wise I got was Miranda, the best I got coin wise was IF Moussa Dembele (20Kish). Also got Sterling twice.

  8. Mine stopped after 4/5 weeks, and of course EA didn’t properly respond despite numerous times trying to communicate with their live help

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