45 thoughts on “FUTBIN TOTW Predictions

  1. Really frustrates me how a big Fifa website like futbin can’t even get the ratings of potential informs correct (e.g talisca would be 86 not 85)

    That being said I’d love to pick up tif talisca and upamencano, especially since they’re both likely to get winter upgrades since they’ve been given +3 and +6 on h2h respectively

    Soares could also be another great, relatively cheap inform as well in what looks a very promising totw

  2. If this is remotely correct, there is only 13 (?) 81+, meaning every top100 player will get KdB, Ronaldo or Aguero! damn son

  3. Chiellini didn’t score, he still has a chance to get in TOTW but I suggest you to correct that

  4. Szalai/Kainz/Upamecano is a good shout for the Bundesliga. i would throw in Marius Wolf as well, he was kicker Player of the week with a perfect score of 1.0

  5. I am really excited for Soares, his normal card was the one in all my starter teams. Hope he makes totw

  6. Wouldn’t surprise me to see a Spurs player, maybe Vertonghen, from the NLD. I know that he didn’t score or anything, but it’s a massive game and he played really well. I would also love to see a defender get an In-form BECAUSE HE DEFENDED WELL, not just because he scored.

  7. If Nkoulou does get a 2if then he might be the best centre back to use in Serie A. The agility on the card will make him really nice to defend one on ones with

  8. If Kevin gets in, I’ll have to sell my Pinturicchio for him. Hopefully it settles around 850k

  9. Not sure how Liverpool have “struggled with consistency” when they’re 12-5-1 in their last 18 Prem matches

  10. I’ve lost all hope of getting something good in my premium TOTW packs. Had 3 discard IFs the last 4 or 5 times I’ve opened one.

  11. William Carvalho is almost certainly on the totw. He as live card still with no improvement this maybe the only opportunity to get an IF.

  12. Not even going to wait for Chelsea to play this afternoon?

    Oh who am I kidding, 0-3 inc.

  13. Question – I know Batshuayi has no chance of getting another IF this week, but if he were to play well this week would it be possible to him to get it for next week? (untradeable OTW owner)

  14. Firmino has got 1 goal 1 assist loads of time this season, he played amazing but I don’t think it’s enough (SIF firmino fresh card owner lol)

  15. Can you please take the time to get the overall ratings correct. Talisca will be an 86… You do this literally every week

  16. Belotti only had 1 goal, but it was a beauty and also had 12 tackles, more than anyone else that game. An excellent performance.

  17. Nope. Definitely wrong. There is absolutely no way in hell Dubravka doesn’t get an IF.

    Edit: dude keeps a CS in his debut match against Man U but what the fuck do I know about football amirite? Howay The Fucking Lads!

  18. Not a chance. That means top 100 packs are guaranteed at least 2 of Chiellini, De Bruyne, Ronaldo & Aguero. EA would literally never do this.

  19. Will Soares be 83 or 82 rated? his base card is 79 such as ghoulam who got an 82 if

  20. Talisca scored 2 against a relegating team, while fener beat the leaders basaksehir 2-0 with a Fernandao brace. Something to keep in mind.

  21. United threw that game away. United were the better team offensively.. but the MOTM was Newcastle’s goalie for me.. if any one deserves an inform, it’s that guy.

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