6 thoughts on “French air-traffic strike grounds 100,000 travellers across Europe

  1. I genuinely get the unions’ fight for higher salaries and better working conditions – but are french air traffic controlers **really** that bad off and have been in such dire straits for so long now? Are they at risk of poverty or something?

    A few years back a french air-traffic controller strike led to a situation where some of my coursemates were literally trapped in France, and in the end had losses due to lost tickets totalling about a thousand if not more Euros. Will these controllers go out and compensate all the people who are many times poorer than them, and who have been affected financially due to their strike?

  2. Is it just me or is closing airspace to protest against labour reforms massively excessive? I don’t know much about the situation but come on. You’re damaging multiple businesses (airlines, airports), disrupting people’s plans and harming the environment (tiny impact but still). While you can argue that Tube strikes in the UK do the same, it’s to a much lesser extent.

    Anyways, I really hope it’s sorted out very soon as I’m flying multiple times (above France) over the next 3 weeks.

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