32 thoughts on “FINALLY made the connection today.

  1. We’re gonna bring back lifestream energy jobs, and we’re going to build a YUGE plant, right here in town. It’s going to be great. Believe me. It’s going to bring back so many jobs, people will be sick of it.

  2. Plot twist : hes actually the fat guy who wants lard in his tea in FF7

  3. – That’s right. I’ll let you hear my new appointment speech. …My old man tried to control the world with money. It seems to have been working. The population thought that Shinra would protect them. Work at Shinra, get your pay. If a terrorist attacks, the Shinra army will help you. It looks perfect on the outside. But, I do things differently. I’ll control the world with fear. It takes too much to do it like my old man. A little fear will control the minds of the common people. There’s no reason to waste money on them.

    – People are ignorant. They’ll feel better as long as someone is punished.

    ~ Rufus Shinra

  4. I sure hope they buy some good support structures. Would be a shame if the ceiling fell.

  5. If you combined Rufus’s one-percenter attitude, Kefka’s sociopathy, Sephiroth’s god complex and Quina’s IQ and vocab…. whelp, there ya go the current Final Boss of the United States.

  6. We have the best plates, let me tell you. They are incredible. You’ve never seen plates like these, honestly. Really fantastic. We’re gonna build a plate over Midgar, and Shinra is going to pay for it!

  7. Even if you like Trump, you have to admit this is pretty funny.

  8. Thanks, now my geeky side will never let me sleep because of the irony.

  9. Thought this when we elected him too….
    I guess next we are going to war with wutai too…

  10. Does that mean Eric Trump is going to have a redemption story and be in a wheelchair in the follow-up movie?

  11. I don’t really care for those kinds of posts but this one is pretty funny. Upvoted.

  12. It’s cuz of that &^#$# ‘pizza’ that people underneath are sufferin’!

  13. the irony here is that they built the plate because the slums became too polluted and disgusting.

  14. Meanwhile in the slums they immediately imprison any illegal foreigners… But Midgar are the racist xenophobes right?

  15. Yes you are right. Mexico is a slum with huge violent cartels. That is one reason why we need secure borders so the world doesn’t have to face international cartels.

  16. You AMERICANS are real shitheads. You always vote for a president you hate, then you involve the whole world with your drama. Shows how idiotic democracy is. We dont care anything in regards to your country so stop spreading this drama. You vote for him, go suck his dick for all we care. So much for democracy.

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