6 thoughts on “Faced my first PRIME R9

  1. I used his prime loan card, I dunno, he sure was great but… maybe it was my fault but everyone around him just felt worse than usual…

    I ended only winning 2 of his 5 matches, but one of those matches was a must win for my first elite weekly, so I was happy.

  2. yeah seems like defenders back off when he has ball. i used him in DKT final. he scored 4 goals in first half. the opponent quit after that since his defenders were just backing off for a sec when he made any runs. also keeper reacted slower when he took any shots so they just hit the net every time.

    i think that card is broken really, to make it the most OP card.

    PS: i still have 4 games left on loan card. saving for desperate times lol

  3. You must have missed the release week when everyone and their mother was using their loan prime R9.

  4. I still have his loan and I used him in the DKT final. He’s absurd. He scored 3 low drivens out of nothing really and even got an assist.

    I faced a player I had a really hard time breaking down and then I just started shooting with him. Bang goal after goal, the guy I was playing must’ve been a solid player too (he had some high rated red cards).

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