32 thoughts on “Evolution vs CSGO

  1. I think CSGO Matchmaking is great, different players are just better / worse at different parts of the game. You’ll get someone whose aim is on point, but has no idea how to work as a team. You’ll have someone who makes great calls but wants to force every round. You’ll get people who know the best smokes but have bad footstep awareness. Then you get these people together, and they’re all criticizing each other for their deficits instead of working off each others strengths.

  2. Haven’t seen this before but this may be the funniest thing I’ve seen on this sub.

  3. So I get that a lot of Europeans get Russian problems but how is it even possible that I get matched with Russians in NA? I had one game where the guy used google translate to talk to us and he was literally like “bitches”, “that was not my fault”, and “you guys are bad at aiming” in a female robot voice… and no he was not good

  4. Evolution cannot happen without selective pressure. CSGO MM forces you to evolve or die.

  5. Autimatic’s is the equivalent of the developed man, and i am the equivalent of whatever is before the creation of the first monkey…

  6. this is also true with sm4sh. sometimes i feel bad about destroying noobs and sometimes… there is no light.

  7. I feel like this is in a lot of multiplayer games. And yes, it’s a total snausagefest too

  8. I reinstalled this recently and gave it a whirl.

    About 45 minutes in, I had enough homophobic, racist and knuckles meme for any decent human being. I know the way how to uninstall this game.

    Truly felt like I grew as a person.

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