66 thoughts on “Europe in 2100 (x-post r/cirkeltrek)

  1. This map seems incorrect, The Netherlands should have turned more sea into land by 2100, yet it hasn’t changed at all.

  2. Meh. Rising land will most likely offset the rising of sea level on Finnish coast so we’re fine. So the Dutch can build all the damns they want, we just raise our country higher. This round is for Finland.

  3. Yeah, South Europe is gonna be fine.

    We shall build a wall at Gibraltar and Suez, and we are good to go for 1000 more years.

    Did i forget to mention that we will have the Africans pay for them?

  4. Goodbye Baltics, it was nice knowing ya.

    But overall this map looks pretty great. A day out on the beach becomes much easier when the sea is suddenly closer to you.

  5. Dutch masterplan leaked out: in fact we start reclaiming land from submerged territories of our neighbours and claim them to be ours once dry. This way we will expand eastwards.

  6. Just out of interest, would it be possible to regulate the amount of water that goes into the Baltic sea and the Mediterranean?

    This scenario is pretty apocalyptic so I was wondering if enough money was available, if you could create a large enough project to protect the Northern Nations via dams (Denmark to Norway and Netherlands to Germany) while also protecting the Mediterranean nations via the Strait of Gibraltar. I know there was a mega project once long ago that wanted to build a damn across the straights, so it isn’t entirely unthinkable is it?

    Because if this scenario happens, we would have mass migration WITHIN Europe alone that could cause wars, economic destruction and uproot our known social structure

  7. Scotland doesn’t really lose much ground at all.

    I’m reminded of a joke by Frankie Boyle…
    “Here in Scotland we have mixed views about global warming, because we will get to sit on the mountains and watch the English drown”

  8. hmm,denmark,Stockholm and london gone..I slowly open up to this global warming idea. But somehow,of all people, the dutch are still there

  9. We’ll be an island! We’ll be an island ! Bless thou, climate change! Kenavo, the continent!

  10. Hey look. Spain is nearly the fucking same.

    Except lovely Cádiz which is royally screwed, what a pity.

    Wheather’s always good with Spain, bet if it was the freezeover scenario, we wouldn’t be much frozen either.

  11. The Dutch-build Scotland-Norway & England-France dams shall save England, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Finland

    Go Dutchies Go!

  12. Wait, would inland seas/lakes really rise too, like the Aral or Caspian seas? Are they fed by any glaciers? I guess I can see the ones in Scandinavia being that way…

  13. We’ll be nice and also save those Dutch speaking people to the south. Then we can also claim to know what to do with a ball on a 50mX100m patch of grass again.

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