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  1. forget about Poland… its the crazy amount of Romanians who all just seemed to appear in the last couple of years.

  2. It’s funny how in all the articles about East Europeans coming to Britain Estonians are habitually mentioned alongside Poles and Romanians as if the numbers were somehow comparable.

  3. Fun fact around 5% of Lithuania’s population emigrated to the UK since 2004. They’re also exceptionally good at English. I’m generalising here but they also pick up the accent quite quickly (not that it matters anywah)

  4. According to the French consulate in London, there are between 300 and 400 thousand French citizen living in London alone.

  5. I don’t get one thing.

    I constantly see negative attitudes from British towards Polish, becuase immigration blah blah blah. Much more often, than any complaints, than towards non European in UK.

    There are People in UK, who would want to implement Sharia law in UK.

    Polish would never do that, or?

    How many attacks because of Polish nationalism/religion was performed in UK?

    Not to mention female genital mutilation or any stuff like that.

    Other than this, % of people not contributing to treasury but getting social money anyway? Other crimes? Sexual, stealing etc?

    I am not saying there are no drunk Drivers or murderers, but how does it really look in %? Is Polish population the biggest problem for Brits in XXI century?

    Yes, there are scumbags, who like to live on welfare. Just like in any other country, many British, or whatever, Germans, Dutch are lazy fucks. But instead of doing something, to cut it completely off, British were bitching about working in UK, paying taxes, but reciving help for kids in Poland. Now, that is obviously populism as fuck. EU logic is, every citizen shall be treated in a same way. You pay same taxes, you get same social benefits- just equality. Seems logic to me? British kid going on students exchange will also get local social help? Rather not. Majority of them contribute shit tons of money into UKs treasury in taxes. Outside construction workers (who also work really hard), there are many skilled people as well.

    Instead of fighting for law changes, that ban welfare migration, they say big “fuck you” to all of them hard working people, who in fact, still eat pierogis, but integrate in this society.

    Im pretty much sure, it is way more easier in terms of political correctnes to bitch about polish, not non Europeans.

    Damn, I really lucky I refused to move to UK, when UK Company wanted me to. Now, it’s none of my business really, not my circus, not my monkeys.

    On the other hand, not every Brit is like that. Many are still welcome, or at least don’t show negative attitudes here- cheers to you guys, thank you for being immune to populism.

  6. I’m surprised by the lack of Spanish, latest estimates said around 50,000 in Edinburgh, that doesn’t leave much for the rest of the country.

  7. Regardless of your views on this (I’m pro freedom of movement), the Poles certainly went for it full steam ahead when the borders opened.

    I left East London quite a few years back, but my friends who still live there describe their areas as being completely overtaken by Eastern Europeans.

    Bare in mind that these are people of different races who grew up in East London which is probably one of the most multi cultural places in the UK, and for them its gotten excessive.

    I’ve personally always respected the Poles that I have known/employed/worked alongside, but if you get excessive concentrations of national groups (young men, here to work and not settle) in specific areas, it unsettles people.

    I think every Brit here, if they are honest, can testify that its usual to see groups of men, hanging around on the street in the evening and at night drinking cans of Tyskie.

    An anecdotal example is that when I lived in Wimbledon, the backstreet behind Metro bank that leads down to the bridge over the train track would have at least 3 guys drinking cans of beer from 5pm onwards, and then the small passage down to Dondonald would have two guys religiously drinking at the end of the passage, every day.

    I’m a big lump so it didn’t bother me, and I am sure their intentions were pure and they were just finding somewhere quiet to unwind and chat, but if I was a school boy, mother or elderly, it would be intimidating.

    Can imagine this effect is amplified in small towns that aren’t as diverse as London.

  8. Go down any inner city high street in any major British city and you’ll see at least a couple of Polski Skleps. Good places to get cheap lager.

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