81 thoughts on “Enter player 2..

  1. Not sure if I’m looking at the dog, the dark spot in front of the dog that looks like a controller, the kid, the pillow, or the picture on the wall.

    Not quite sure what I’m looking at.

  2. Dog – You have learned sitting dog well my pupil. Now we wait till the masters of the house bring us the delicious treats of bacon.

    Kid – You don’t know it’s not bacon?

    Dog – …

  3. Get that kid off of the couch and get it some exercise before it grows so big it takes over the Universe.

  4. I like how Oogy Boogy from Nightmare Before Christmas is just chilling behind the kid… No it’s not a pillow! That’s just what he wants you to think!

  5. The kid is not playing the game. He is currently focusing his efforts elsewhere. Source – I’m a veteran parent.

  6. The amount of people calling this kid fat is insane. Have people really never been around kids this age before? It’s really not that uncommon to be quite chubby at this age. They will grow a bunch become coordinated enough to run everywhere they go and the weight will fly off in less than a year.

  7. I’m pretty sure no one in this picture clearly knows what they’re doing. But, I like the fact that they’re enjoying it anyways

  8. I remember this on the front page of Imgur like a year or so ago. Pretty sure the original picture was just of the kid. Then the dog and Simpson art was added in by other people.

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