7 thoughts on “End the tyranny of these rampant Loot Box systems

  1. * in the case of Battlefront, people consider P2W a problem because it is PVP. this is not the case with BOTW.
    * in the case of Shadow of War, people consider it a problem because of just how quickly the items are consumed. with BOTW, there is no limit to how many times a single Amiibo can be used, so the Amiibo is not consumable.

  2. Amiibos aren’t a necessity to win but man are they are scam for extra content.

  3. The reason you but amiibos I for a collection and you can use it more than once

  4. Amiibo’s look cool on your desk, can be used repeatedly, and can be sold to other people (aka, still retain some value).

    (Also, you can sorta make your own if you buy the NFC tags in bulk for 30 bucks)

    So all in all, not too bad. Still not my cup of tea though

  5. They aren’t necessary to win and they can be used over and over and over. This is not a P2W loot box at all.

  6. My latest Nintendo console is the wii so I feel I’m a bit out of the loop here. It appears to be about amibos? I thought those were tied to DLC in some way?

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